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The Equalizer


The Equalizer has just been released in Indonesia a few days ago. After dominate the top box office on its first play, I'm more curious about this movie. To answer the curiosity please directly refer to the review here for you.

The rise of superhero movies in 2014, consumption has become acute for many people. Elements of super strength and invincible antagonist figure seems to be its own seasoning for Hollywood movies. Not to mention the responsibility of 'the superhero' is too grandiose to save the city, even the world and a whole galaxy.

For the sake of treating the phenomenon, the film The Equalizer may be one option for you.  Yes, this film is another to give the impression of a superhero. Because heroes can come from ordinary people without having to use sophisticated equipment or the like. That is what is reflected in the figure of Robert McCall (Danzel Washington) who works as a clerk at a hardware store.

Beginning of the story the audience is introduced to the mysterious life of McCall and makes the figure of a Teri (Chloe Grace Moretz) McCall keen to know more. Both are often met at night in a Coffee Shop. Until one day Teri who work as commercial sex workers beaten by the Russian Mafia who became her pimp. The incident then triggers empathy to help Teri McCall.

To liberate Teri, McCall tried to negotiate with the mob. But the way it is taken by McCall dragged into conflict more complicated. Capitalize the equipment is simple and rapid analysis, McCall managed to finish off the mob with quite short. Moment is the opener for Danzel Washington, which always has its own charisma of each role played.

McCall heroic action it triggers the cold-blooded killer, Teddy (Marton Csokas), who accidentally sent to investigate the death of his partner by a mysterious man (re: McCall). In this part of the audience are invited to find out more background McCall. Antonie Fuqua, the director managed to play the emotions that were presented in this film from the beginning to the end of the story.

Although at first this movie was quite slow, but it does not make the audience feel bored. Moreover, the quality of Washington that can create emotional climax at the end of the film.

Overall, the film presents the duration of 131 minutes of action is no less cool with the other superhero films. I myself gave 4/5 rating for this action film. You still curious? Watch immediately wrote in the cinema! He-he.

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