Movie THE NUN Review: The Most Horrific Part Of The Series

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The Movie THE NUN Review: The Most Horrific Part Of The Series

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Dear horror movies fans, finally one of the most awaited horror projects of this year is here! Although the movie THE NUN is just the second full-length horror movie directed by director Corin Hardy, he was given the privilege to film the introduction part of the most powerful horror film franchise of recent years. So let's see in more detail how he has been able to deal with this burden.

You know, as a fan of horror and, you know, of James Wan and what he's created. It was a....responsibility but a real opportunity to be able to dive into the...the world of The Conjuring and with The Nun it's.....we're taking it right back. It's like the first origin story of Valak and The Nun takes us back to 1952 in Romania and it's a little bit more of an adventure mystery horror movie. - Director Corin Hardy


In 2013, The Conjuring appeared in cinemas became the start of one of the most viewed series of horror movies of all time. After this movie, the successful films The Conjuring2, Annabelle, and Annabelle2 were presented to the fans of horror movies. Last weekend, the cinemas started showing THE NUN, the darkest part of this story introducing to us another The Conjuring episodic hero - a cursed nun. But not only the film is shocking itself, but also the mysterious events occurred during the filming. All this forced me to watch last part of the series THE NUN, and here my new movie review

And so, the most prominent and most profitable horror film franchise of the 21st century, The Conjuring, that appeared on the cinema screens in 2013, and was created by the director James Wan, now continues to expand successfully the number of the extremely horrible stories. This time, the horror movie about the secret of the malevolent nun, the Warner Bros company entrusted to director Corin Hardy.

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The Short Story Of The Movie

The horror thriller THE NUN tells of the tragedy that takes place in a remote Romanian monastery. There is a young nun who killed herself. To investigate the incident, the Vatican sends Father Burke (Demian Bichir) and a young Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga). Irene is about to give the final vows shortly and become a nun, while Father Burke still struggles with the scars of his dark past.

Looking at the suicide of a young nun, Father Burke and sister Irene soon reveal the carefully guarded monastery's secret. The devilish forces that have fallen into a holy place are not prepared to give in. Between the dark walls of the monastery, events are becoming more and more frightening, and every day more and more horrors begin to appear. 

The Burk perceives that this not only a cursed place but also a very powerful source of evil that needs to be immediately destroyed. However, not everything is so simple. In order to shut the door to hell, it is necessary to find not only one particular relic that once conquered Roman soldiers in the monastery, but also to confront with one who took the shape of the nun and calls himself Valak.

The monastery is becoming a major battlefield between the creatures of the living and the cursed ones, and the threat comes not only to Father Burk and Sister Irene's healthy mind and faith but also to their lives. 

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The Content Of The Movie

Five years ago, when the first The Conjuring episode reached the cinematic screens, the belief in the horror genre revived. James Wan has created a truly spectacular and very scary movie, which from A to Z was an impeccable representative of the horror genreBut after a year, the Annabelle, first horror film franchise became a real disappointment. True, the film earned a stunning $ 257 million. Such success prompted the Warner Bros studio to expand further this cinematic project.

Of course, there are some failures from which there is possible to learn. And it was really learned from this failure. The Conjuring2 became even more horrible than the predecessor, and the second part of "Annabelle became a truly high-quality extension of the story, which drove us to the origins of this demonic doll.

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Therefore, without a doubt, the fifth horror film franchise project THE NUN became the most welcome representative of this year's horror genre. The expectations for this movie were really huge because the demon who plays the first violin here was already beautifully presented in 2016 in the movie The Conjuring2, in which the Warren family fought with this demon. Therefore, to find out how the demon became a nun and how he appeared among the mortals was very curious.

And I will tell you frankly - my curiosity was satisfied. At least I got what I wanted - the main answer about the origin of Valak. So, let's briefly analyze the story itself, and I will explain why it is worthwhile to watch.  

From the very first episodes, the plot begins to intrigue with macabre and spiritual burden scenes. The subject matter of the film, like space itself, is, I think, chosen very attentively since ancient monasteries on the periphery of the world are already in themselves mysterious monuments. The viewer is introduced into the plot without any shy: everyone here knows why they came for there, so without the long preludes, let's the horror begins! And it's going to happen. We get surrounded by fog, oppressive music, and candles that continue to extinguish. In other words, the atmosphere and tension escalation are two basic guidelines for the film, on which the director stepped on with the right foot.

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The essential difference is that the primary parts are more focused on the paranormal-invisible horror fragment, and here, the horror factor is mainly generated through the visual fragments that have moved out the idea of the film away from the established franchise rhythm.

First of all, the film is somewhat chaotic due to the events that the creators were trying to embed in the main plot line. The very beginning of the film gives a very good performance, which later turns into a boring and even stretched story. Therefore, after thirty minutes of watching, you can get a sense about the worst scenario, and more precisely the analog situations like it were with the first "Annabelle" movie.

What makes a great horror movie? The subtlety and finesse in crafting tension and horror without revealing much; the gradual buildup of horror through the unknown; having the audience know that something is out there and not revealing it immediately. The Nun does the exact opposite of all of this.


Second, this is the band that is the prehistoric movie of all four films that have so far been released, so those people who have not seen one part of the franchise "The Conjuring" may not be able to get into the whole of that fight with the evil that Warner Bros studio demonstrated so furiously since 2013.

Third, the elements of horror in this film are like a cliche. There are too many jumps of horror that can be foreseen in silent scenes, as well as a lot of fantastic elements that have not been featured in any of the previous films. You know, what is too much is not interesting.

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Although it is true that the whole atmosphere is fantastic. When the action takes place in a deserted and very gloomy looking castle, where the demon wanders, pretending to be the nun, you can experience really good impressions. Still, it's stronger affect your senses than any snakes, zombies or beastlike monsters.

You can also be surprised at the preview. And the surprise here is the humor embedded in some scenes. The creators of none of the previous series did not dare to joke, and here there were not one and no two such places. But this looked like being in place because such comedic elements shown in the film have allowed some recovery from a few truly scary horror scenes. Especially at the very end of the film, when a fatal struggle against Valak broke out.

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There are four main characters in the film: the priest Burk, who is trying to escape the shadows of his past, the nun Irene, who sees the unique visions, the local village fool Frances, and, of course, Valak himself, with whom all the trio I have mentioned, will have to face. I liked all these characters. They were not heroes without the spirit but had a humanity what forced to support them.

More I do not want to tell you anything, so I just urge you to go to the movie and watch this one more "The Conjuring" franchise's movie and at the same time get important answers to a few basic questions about the main demon of the whole series.

The Technical Side Of The Movie

The visual part of THE NUN really makes a great impression. The main advantage is the place where all the essential action takes place. It is very funny that it became a horrifically and very uncomfortable looking castle where even the most daring people would scare to go to spend the night.

In addition to the unique location, the film creates a good atmosphere using extremely unpleasant decorations that are able to cause fear simply because they are somewhere in the background. In addition, the makeup contributes to all that terrible and depressing atmosphere, which does not leave us for almost two hours.

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The cinematic film's side is very neat. The operator has done a great work so the many of the horror elements were so natural and unexpected. And the camera maneuvers here were just great showing the people's fear and their unequal struggle with the demon. The eyes really enjoyed, because the tape was filmed not worse than "The Conjuring".

The musical part of the film is also good. The main composition with the demonic one is intimidating and at the same time moves us back to 2016, when the second James Wan's directed "The Conjuring" reigned in the cinema. Other compositions of the soundtrack also added charm to each horror scene, which makes them alive.

Audio editing, as it is a must on horror films was strong and very precise in the necessary horror scenes. The image on the first side of the film was very chaotic and uneven, so it a bit disturbed to get into the whole story, but things were getting better with the second part and the final fight against Valak.

THE NUN Interviews: Demian Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, and Director Corin Hardy

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The Collective Work Of The Actors

Demian Bichir

Demian Bichir, the nominee of the Oscar for the movie "Better Life" of 2011, played a leading role in the film. His performance was great. Truly, it is seen that this is a talented man who managed to convey well the character of the priest Burk.

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Taissa Farmiga

Taissa Farmiga, incidentally, is the sister of Vera Farmiga, the star of the "The Conjuring" series, appeared in the second plan role. An interesting coincidence. But this is not the most important thing here. The young actress did not give in her colleague and played a rather compelling role. We were able to see a great fear in her eyes, which was able to infect the spectators sitting in the cinema chairs.

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Jonas Bloquet

No bad role was played by Jonas Bloquet. Witty, frightening, and completely sincere performance, which allowed a little recovery from the elements of horror and laugh at his actions like protecting ourselves from the evil seeds - Valak.

Bonnie Aarons

And last but not the worst - the nun - the actress Bonnie Aarons, who really looked scaring by her appearance. She brought some elements of horror with her character.

Strange Things Related To The Movie

Actor John Bloquet before the premiere revealed that he still dreams nightmares, as he was greatly frightened by the unexpected event. They made the scene in Romania, the images were unforgettable, but in one abbey everyone could feel death. He could not explain it logically and convincingly, but it seemed that it was quite close. Later, when works were held at the castle in Transylvania, the Romanian priest suddenly appeared on the film site and prayed. No one knew him, so they were very scared. So far, they did not figure out how it happened and what he wanted to say or show to them.

It should also be mentioned that the short, 5-second long, movie advert was removed from the YouTube page as viewers began to complain that it was too scary and inappropriate for a wide audience.

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At The Final Note

I can only say that the creative team has been too quick to boast that THE NUN is the most horrible franchise's film. Unfortunately, it is weaker than the previous ones. And I really do not have an idea what the cause is: is it the fact that behind the James Wan project was a too inexperienced director or the fact that the movie was created by the bad script. Or maybe one led to another?

This film is OBVIOUSLY missing the James Wan touch that we loved in the conjuring universe films. Even when Wan used jump scares, it worked but the atmosphere was tense and creepy. In "The Nun" they're overly planted everywhere in the movie to make up for the fact that the director couldn't keep the audience captivated any other way.


In my opinion, The NUN had very big chances to become the best movie of the franchise but because of a rather fragile story, this band lost that chance. To the level of "The Conjuring" is really far away but not as a tragedy as the first "Annabelle". Well, in terms of this year's horror movies genre, I will not change my opinion about the best titles that still belongs to John Krasinsky's horror thriller The Quiet Place

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I hope the developers of this band will take see the mistakes made and will come back after a few years with a really worthwhile follow-up, as happened with the second Anabela. There you can tell so much about everything. Therefore, I sincerely wish the inspiration and quality both with the extension of THE NUN and with the forthcoming third parts of the Annabelle and The Conjuring.

THE NUN is not the very best, but not the worst franchise of The Conjuring. Apart from a few ominous minuses associated with the lack of logic and the chaotic storyline on the first part of movie, has quite a few pluses: a great fitting and very frightening location, some unexpected horror moments, an excellent technical form, a strong cast of the main actors, and answers to very important questions about the origin of the main demon.

Thanks for reading my new movie review of the horror thriller THE NUN.

Have a fun watching!!!


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