MP3 vs Flac , Which it's Better ?

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Hello everyone :) , How's everything ? . today i'm gonna compare mp3 with flac , which it's better ? , before saying which it's better let's compare it first

This is MP3 + and -
+ Have relative small size, very popular, Tagging Support, Extra Feature (Volume normalization + Replay Gain)
several data lost in compression, actually illegal , Some minor limitations

And this is Flac + and -

+ Feel the real feels of the song , Fast decoding , Open-source, Tagging support , Larger ecosystem than other lossless formats,
Big File Size, Need good equipment

And what audio format you usually use ? :p  , I usually use flac , because you know lossless formats the real feels of the songs.


Q: I can't see any quality differences about these two

A: Are your equipment good enough ? , it's real Flac or fake Flac ? fake Flac it's a converted flac from mp3 so it's just waste of space

Q: My equipment is good enough and i listened to real flac but no differences at all

A:  Use abx comparator on foobar2000 . and follow the instructions here

Q: Sir , where did you get flac music ?

A: rip them from CDs, or buy them directly . i will share a tutorial about it soon

Q: It's mp3 good ?
A: Of course if the quality it's 320kbps , and it's save more space


So, it's depend on you . if you want more free space on storage then MP3 it's better , if you want Real Audio Quality and had good gear then FLAC it's better . Cheers ! , Don't Forget to Subscribe and Buzz :)

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