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The green man is a superhero that fights against the pollution in the world, is a man who wears green, also wears a color green mask as his suit, Mr. Super green always appears with his incredible car, It looks so bright, and what this man does with one of his super powers to be super strenght, stops the cars that pollute the city,his only mission is to prevent the pollution in the world.

His super powers are:

>Night vision

>Far Sight of polluted.

> Super strength.

Mr. Super Green helps people to fix their cars so the¿ar do not continue polluting, and this makes him a enviromental super hero, He makes people  think and make them think about the damage that they are causing to their children in the future and also the planet Earth  is being destroyed slowly because of the pollution...

The shield of his suit is a leaf of a tree and has the letters SSV (Super Mr. Green) But in Spanish.


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