My 100 Prayer Requests

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Being an individual we ought to tend naturally to our needs of something, our deepest desire and any means that can give us satisfaction. However most of us have wanted something so desperately that even though we knew it wrong or can bring harm, we plunged after it anyway.

I've learned a few things based from the above phrases as I remembered what bro. Bo Sanchez said. I just learned an inviting words came from him that our relationship with God is worth writing home about. He said that putting at least 100 request in writing helps us to keep our faith alive and it will just gives us an amazing results.

After hearing those words so clearly, I instantly followed thinking and listing my requests (all sorts of needs). But sadly until now I haven't done my 100 request so yet.There are still few space left. I think its really important and has a lot of benefits as we can go back or look back on it.

For me its really amazing looking the progress of all. And guess what? I got a lot of denied request based on my desperate or badly prayer request. However something great to be noticed that some of it has already been answered. And I always believed that He will read it and grant only whats right and best.

God is good and always great.


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