My Beloved

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His heart beat like a ticking clock room, but faster , maybe twice or three times in a second , his hands full of fire was hot like tandoori Vsvrtsh Vkbvd was like a dark cloudy sky , as if the air had been starving so deep breathing , that the poor mad love making more . He dies ... No ... You're not my lover, let me look at the time he assumed the pain was turning his beautiful lover . Had to leave him alone . Kurt had his hand in the bag . Long -drawn sigh , sigh ... Oh ... I had some money I would not be in the same bag .
Doubt if there might be in my other bag . All his clothes were Vbaz one hand the bag back to her small hole Vangshtsh Kurt crossed out . Ah ... The loss of life has been cruel funds from the hole , look old and tacky room table , a cup of water with very little money was left . He put it in his bag Vdstsh was also on the money .
Only its capital of the same amount of money was missing. Had to be careful not to lose them both .

Sky, thunder rattling sound set in the heart of every moment undermines both windows and stood beside the roads looked deserted road, though occasionally a passing car , doctor, I thought How to near the of the meeting in air Beloved cold sweat was as coarse grained frost was visible on her forehead . Took her hand Tbsh was great enough to bring out the sharp fingers between her fingers and looked into his eyes and said : I came home late last night, I remember a lot of work , but you were not , where is the rain Vtyz fast you ? Baby did not come out of the house when the weather is not conducive get sick again !
Beloved Brlb bitter smile and looked at him .
The place was long and tells me to go to the doctor please remember to bring to bear .
She moved her lover could not even give me a pass to mark Plkhaysh closed and opened. Tacky to hand rails and legs were shaking from the intense cold Mylrzydnd down the stairs , she thought . Indeed , how much love is exciting and enjoyable . Power of God that man is only a pair of eyes take in her only wish for one, just think of the brain Vbrlbsh a voice whispered his name , and repeat his name resonates clearly part of his life in the spirit amazing impact Triggers and brought her roaring springs melee , and it makes the word morning Shbsh word and repeat it to new life .

This love, this story is unknown whether repeated infinite , Love is Svzantr thousands of sad stories . My beloved is like a fire burning Vzvb .
Is your lover more enamored of love ? She has lived a life of endless pain in the arms , the love Vmshvq both ! Day and Night realize that his love of his life and death are the same. However, the absence of the beloved , what happens ?
Another bear was standing at the door with the rain started to run as fast . There was nobody in the streets quiet except for the sound of his feet was heard .he had lived here had no chance , he would have saved his beloved , rain beads were combined with tears .
The doctor came to the house fast with his fists to the beat , ... Tail tail tail ... Tail tail tail ... I loved the open ... Please save him ... In the open.
A woman opened the door and had a flat and pale face lover realized .
Soon proved himself to be a doctor and follow the doctor walked him , but when he had the umbrella opened the door and sat beside the bed, her lover , her lover had gone to sleep .
, then took her handbag and left the room .
The poor did not believe in love , with eyes fixed motionless body lay lifeless lover .
Beloved, with both hands raised , still did not believe her death .
Leads him to the doctor , still had Vsvzan hot body , his black eyes were open and the sky was filled , no longer , her lover on a bed , tears in the corners of his eyes had created a thin atmosphere , he knew what it was , his eyes blurred saw.
Gotta go to another world , and all were different , their faces set on a white Shalhay women , and men, but a white cloth that was wrapped around the body with their bare feet .
It was a strange sight in a corner of the Sahara Desert was a man with a woman over Stone pounded the white blood out of his search , on the other hand, the young boy was crying tears from her eyes Vbjay boiling water , the young boy was crying on the other side Vjygh mess I 've betrayed her , and the dignity of the downtrodden completely ashamed I was screaming so loud that her jaw bone protruding from the skin .
But without the slightest look indifferent passed in front of the heart horror love Mytpyd , now that all the dead are here , here would be my beloved !
Means will be automatically picked up from the front view Vqdm passed and told himself, so I do not have any reaction ! I like both of them have committed an act or not guilty because 've been in love with ... Quicken his step and fell into a dark plain , he thought , the whole plain was dark , but there were high gloss white creatures . -
Remained undecided what to do , but the smell was familiar to Mshamsh .
Oh .... There is the smell of my beloved , my beloved . Went two or three steps ahead , Ari himself had wept prairie meadow heavy chains on his hands and lock them closed and blood was flowing from her eyes welling up instead of the boiling water .

I wanted to scream I betrayed my mistress , I was cold , rainy night , the excuse was my death .
I love that scene did not see the twist - went to Naznynsh to save her lover , but then everything disappeared. He opened his eyes , he and his mistress were handed out to Pasargadae , the coffin was long , some participants began to panic and some fled the scene and looked shocked , was the lover the cold stone Vsrsh a lover 's grave and tells her lover how I wanted to love betrayed you? ! Tears would wash cold stone tomb of his beloved . Beloved knew then buried three days ago And now they wanted to bury himself .


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