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I am a fan of Pinterest and I know you guys are aware of that site. Well, I don't really open it everyday but I would check it if I have time and if I am bored together with Tumblr. Yesterday, since we didn't pursue our trip to Bacolod, my ex boyfriend had suggested we should go to the mall instead. To let you know, if he says go to the mall, he means go to National Bookstore to buy a certain book. I can't say no to that so we went there yesterday.

While he was still checking on the book section, I was also roaming around the store. When I saw this chevron pattern gift wrapper, an idea came up and I know I am up to a DIY challenge which I have been seeing in Pinterest.
I ended up buying two patterns, a chevron which was the first one that I had found and my favorite, the polka dot designed as well.
Upon arriving home, I immediately looked for any available stuff inside the house which I can use as an organizer. And I found an iron box, that is really perfect for it and so I went on and started cutting it. I took the flip covers, cut both the top and the sides. So I was left with just the box without the covers. I started covering it with the chevron gift wrapper paper.

Now the bigger cover I made as a separator as well as the other covers, I also packed it with the gift wrapper but it was already consumed before I could complete the center separator so I instead used the national bookstore paper bag (every Saturday Cebu is using paper bags).

The final product with the stuffs in it:
I have two external drives, some cables, my selfie stick and the rest of the stuffs which are just scattered on our working table.

I am going to make more for so many different uses. Can't wait!

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