My experience in Mano Amiga

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I have been in this school for 5 years and it have been the best years of my life. Mano Amiga left me a lot of techings that is impossible for me stop giving thanks to the school, my second home. I learned many values like the respect, accountability, consistency, timeliness, love, generosity and more. Mano Amiga have made me more close to God too, it gives me the opportunity to stay with him by the masses, adoration, days of communion and confession. It have helped me to develop my skills by the variety of classmates like physics, chemistry, geometry, design, management, english, baseball, moral, history and reasoning  ; it´s very big the variety that does that I love more the school.

Now I only need one more year to go out, I’m exciting because I will meet new persons, I’ll study by passion, not by money but the most important is that thanks to Mano Amiga I always will be a integral woman everywhere.