My Favorite Houston Texas Rap Music

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I listen to alot of music. Every day I jam out to music at work, while pushing carts at Walmart! My hobby is letting other people know about what I jam!

My favorite Houston Rappers and Groups include:

  • LitaRodi
  • Tre9
  • Von Won
  • Druzu
  • Soldiers On A mission
  • World Rejects
  • Lil Raskull aka Ras
  • Puntin
  • Pyrexx
  • Sypreme (Formerly Alliance By Faith)
  • Gifted Da Flame Throwa (RAW)
  • 007 (Formerly 5th Ward Boys) (RAW)
  • Bushwick Bill (Formerly Getto Boys)
  • Govenor Reiss
  • Shei Atkins
  • Dre Murray
  • Lecrae
  • Cyclone aka Cy
  • Enock
  • DJ Primo
  • DJ DMD
  • Trevor Lee
  • Corey Paul (Frontline)
  • Reconcile (Frontline)
  • RBS (Re Born Souljah)

There's probably alot more people I could add to the list there. There's just so many, and it takes time to remember all of their names, and Houston is one of the United State's biggest cities for releasing music in the music industry. I know alot more artists and groups from all over! So please check out my website!



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