My first visual arts work

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A couple months ago I was cleaning my apartment and with it I was throwing to the garbage a lot of stuff, between that garbage I found an old computer keyboard and I had an idea for some works in visual arts.  

I was not working on this project, because for some time I was  doing storyboards, writing, editing and with a really busy schedule. But a couple weeks ago I realize that all that work was just an excuse to not move with this new project, in that moment I wrote this blog about "do the thing you like", and in that moment I decide to move.

This is a really new adventure for me, because for first time I´m making a "work" that is not audiovisual or part of the process of it. So I don´t know what to expect or even how I must show this, but the only thing that I feel I should do now, is do it. 

The project is a critic view for different topics that are around the digital communication. Is a group o almost 13 pieces of different sizes and they are made on wood, painted with oil, and with some parts of the old computer keyboard that I found. 

In this moment I´m almost done with all the pieces and I´m making the work on the marks, I´m really a rookie on this and my friend Tomás Schuller is helping me with this part and also he helped me in the desition that I took with the materials.

This project really makes me happy and I really don´t know what to expect when I finish, but I least I can say that I make it and that I´m really enjoying the process. If you have some experience showing this kind of works it would be great to hear your advices!

Thanks for reading!

Some photos of the process:



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