My four months experiences with rabadaba ( Part 1)

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My four months experience with rabadaba

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Before I will start this up, I want to acknowledge first the reason why I came to have an idea to write about other paying sites. Big thanks to my sister in bitLanders AdGoggleKo! I commend you for always helping me up :)

Introduction: Shaiera on RABADABA COMMUNITY

Hi there my dear bitsers! Today I will tackle about one of the paying sites that I’m using. I already wrote a lot of tutorial blogs about bitlanders so I guess it is about time to share with you this rabadaba. Take note: I am not sharing this for you to leave bitlanders, I am just sharing this to give you another source of online income. Anyway even in yourself, at the end of the day you will still find out that bitlanders is still the best. ;) So let’s start.

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It’s been four months when I have read a microblog about rabadaba and decided to join that.  I am surprised knowing that even sister Jean and other bitsers are using this site too so I didn’t feel like I was new. I became more addicted to rabadaba when I saw that sister saori sam is an active user there which I always want to talk to and simply majority of the members of the site are very friendly in fact some welcomed me and without asking for their assistance,  they taught me about the basics on that particular site. They even tagged the name of the administrators that are active on the site and they said that our admins are friendly so don’t hesitate to ask. From the users and the platform of rabadaba site itself make me fall and addicted to the site especially now that they launched rabadaba in beta phase which I found more convenient to use because I am not really good in using mobile, I prefer my desktop to use than my cellular phone =)

My insights about rabadaba

Just like to all social media sites that I have joined. I always read first some information on web and also to its FAQs  ( Frequently Asked Questions). I explored the site on my own understanding and I found rabadaba as a good and easy site to use. I even added this site to my list of online paying sites that I always visit and add stuffs to earn.

When it comes to the staffs and administrators, like in bitlanders where I always send my queries to ma’am Jennifer Bourne and always receive a prompt response, rabadaba have these awesome and friendly administrators too. One of them is sir a_minus who’s friendly and very direct to the point in answering queries. You can send your queries to the admins through private chats or to the email address of  rabadaba support team which is . Some of the admins are giving tips too to a certain post that can get their attentions. Later i will tackle about tips and tipping on rabadaba so just continue reading ;)

Over all, through knowing the site, its people and the process to earn. I found rabadaba as one of the easy sites to earn because all you have to do are to upload pictures , videos and you can even write a short post. Your earning is automatically updated every time you vote a certain post, you receive votes from your posts and when someone tipped you.

So much about my insights, let’s move on to the description and short tutorials about rabadaba. :P

It’s all about rabadaba.

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Rabadaba is a social media site that allows its users to upload original contents.  At first, it is only an application that you can use only on mobile and now, admins made it possible to be in beta phase where it is best to use in google chrome as a site. This site is more on uploading photos and videos though you can write some short thoughts, it is still advisable to put an image with it because text posts are not promoted to the new dabs section. By the way, the word post is equivalent to the word dab on rabadaba and the users are called dabbers.

RABADABA as a legitimate site

I am using rabadaba for more than four months now. I've joined that last July 1, 2016 but I have received my first payment last August 15, 2016 because I am just new to the site when the 15th of July passed, I didn't able to reach the minimum amount for 15 days of using rabadaba, so yeah I waited for the next payday and gladly got my first payment last August. As of now, I already received three payments and haven't heard any problems about the payments from other users so I can say that rabadaba is a certified legitimate site.

How to use rabadaba?

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First you can download the application on play store or you can use the beta phase, just go to and create your account. After that you can explore the site by checking on its FAQs. For instance here are the common terms that you should know and things you can do in rabadaba.

1. Upload your dab - you can only post your original contents on rabadaba. Just take note that there is a big NO to Google images or else the site might banned you. To post your content, just click on the "plus sign" on your profile and under that, you can view the options of what kind of content you want to share, just click on that and tap the word "dab".  By the way, every upvote that you will receive from your dabs will be added to your RABS.


2. RABS - this is what you can earn on rabadaba. 100, 000 rabs is equivalent to 10 dollars, 10 000 is only equal to 1 dollar. So you must be very active to reach the quota before the 15th day of the month. By the way, rabadaba pays only once in a month and the payment day is every 15th of the month. The minimum payout is 10 dollars and before you can have that, aside from waiting the payday, you MUST set your payment minimum amount that you think you can reach until the payday. Don't forget to save. ^_^

3. Vote - when you click on a certain post, you can see two arrows like the image above. Every time you click on whether the up or the down you can earn 1rab. But when it comes to your posts, when other users click on up or more known as upvote, you and them will earn 1 rab for each up vote but if they down vote or click on the down arrow, you will not receive a rab but they will still receive 1 rab on each. There is now a maximum limits in voting on rabadaba which is 3000 votes, you will notice that you have reached the limits if the voting arrow is just keep on loading. You can do voting again after the reset time on rabadaba.

4. Redab - from the affix "re" which means repeat , you can repost the post of other users by clicking on the redab icon. Redabbing will help you earn more on rabadaba because when you redab a certain post, and others go to your page and upvotes your feeds, you will earn rabs from those you redabbed.

5. TIP - what I like about rabadaba is the tipping option where you can help others to reach the minimum in times of needs. You can also receive tips from other users if they want to help you or they found your posts worth their tips. Tipping can also be in the way of "contest or promo" where a certain user will ask you to post something or do something and they will reward you with tips. The admins on rabadaba are organizing some contests / promos too which is usually promoting the site to the other social media sites or creating videos to promote rabadaba.

6. FAVORITE -  You will see a star- shaped icon when you click on a certain post, This star shaped icon or more known on rabadaba as "favorite" will help you to be noticed by the other users that you have visited their page. The main purpose of this icon is to notify the users that someone liked their posts and you can view those who favorite your posts on your notification page.

7. TAGS - Rabadaba is one of the most organize site. You can set your own tags for your posts where all your posts can be found on that tag. I have my own tags on rabadaba which are #shaiera and #shaioriginalcontent. If ever you will join the site, kindly follow my tags too ^_^. Tags are very much important on rabadaba because through tags we can compile our contents and for those who are hosting some contests or promos, they use the tags to easily figure out those who joined their contests/ promos.


Enough for now bitsers. I still have lots of information to share about rabadaba but my blog is already long enough so I will end my tutorial here for now. Just make sure to be updated to know more about rabadaba on my next blog.


Note: The content of this blog is my original work, please don't plagiarize.

Thanks for reading!

--> Shaiera 


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