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Experience with R & S :


It was a very good experience for me to work as intern in ROHDE & SCHWARZ .The office environment was very different from many other offices, it was very clean and strict work environment beside this  all other office employees were very co-operative  with each other .I have learnt many things in the R & S specially how an multinational organization works. Every worker was very responsible for his work. The office was loaded with facilities provided to the employees which provide the courage to the employees to work hard.


Knowledge gained :


I have gained a lot during my internship. The most important thing i learned was the teamwork , and how to work with the team to accomplish the goal, almost every department consists of a team which works step by step to find a solution. The second  thing  i learned was how to work in a professional organization which was very good experience for me .the third thing was responsibility of work which is very important in almost every field  regarding education or life.


Help in future career/profession :


I think the knowledge and experience that I gained from ROHDE & SCHWARZ will prove very helpful in my future career .Teamwork and responsibility are very major factors that will help me in my future beside these the factor of confidence that I learn from RSPK is a great addition to my personality.

Main focus during stay :


I worked in the management & human resource department of Rhode & Schwarz , so my main focus was to learn that how the management and HR  department works. However this was not a very big office  but I have learnt a lot about how to manage the employee in the office. The department of management and HR  contains all the in office works, which includes managing all the employee data updated, meetings, manage the issue between employee etc. It  also  include some of the work of MD's office .


Comments and Suggestions :

Overall the internship was very good , but it can be improved to some extent. The main thing that  I noticed in the internship was , many of the internees were not  connected to the departments of their skills. I am doing software engineering but I have done internship in HR department ,but I think that I have learnt more about my field if had done internship in IT department. This is one of the suggestion  to the company which can improve the internship program of the company.


Opportunity to work with R & S :

I will prefer to work in multinational organization like ROHDE & SCHWARZ .

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