My Love At First Sight Story

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On Sept.26,2000 me and my two sisters and their boyfriends,my nehew,my cousin and his friend all went to the mall to watch movies.My sisters boyfriend wanted to check out Radio Shack,the minute we had walked in.So I followed them,and right as I walked in..I saw the most gorgeous person I have ever seen my whole entire life.I wanted to know who he was,and he turned out to be my sisters boyfriends brothers friend.And right at that moment I knew that I was in love,because my heart kept on telling me that "he's the one I have been waiting for my whole life!"When I looked at him again,I saw him looking at me,and when he saw that I was looking at him,he immediately looked away.My heart felt broken,I thought that he probably looked away because he wasn't intrested in me.When we were about to leave Radio Shack,I took one good look at him,knowing that I would probably never see him again.When we left,we headed up stairs to the food court,and met up with him and his friends,so my sisters boyfriend talked to them for a little while.And while they were talking I just kept on staring at him,just wanting to talk to him and get to know him.But I couldn't there was no way I could,cause I knew I wouldn't have a chance with him.When we were heading towards the theaters,I looked back at him,remembering every single detail about how good he looked.During the movie,I couldn't stop thinking about him,and still can't non-stop since that night.About a month passed.Then on Halloween in the yr.2000,I was saw him again walking around with his friends,I was nervous,happy,scared,excited and suprised all at the same time.I was so glad to see him again,my heart was so relieved to see him,that I just couldn't stop staring at him.But I found out he had a girl already,I was really heart broken,I thought that I really did have no chance.Then about another month passed,on Nov.10,2000 I saw him again,and even more handsome then what I remembered,it turned out to be his birthday that night,I wanted to tell him "Happy B-Day!"I really did,but I was to shy to even say hi to him,so I chickened out and didn't say a word to him.Then when I got home that night,I told my sister not to tell,that I liked him since the first time I lais my eyes on him.Then the next day at school,she told her boyfriend,who was his friend,and he ended up telling him,everything I said to my sister.Then about a few days passed my sister came home from school with good news for me,she told me he broke up with his girlfriend,then all of a sudden so quickly we ended up talking on the phone together.
Then I wrote him a letter about how I felt since the first time I saw him,and how I thought I had no chance with him.Then,he wrote back saying he felt the same way,and that he was attracted to me,and he also thought he had no chance with me to.I was relieved to say what I've been wanting to say to him since the first time I saw him.Then on the phone that day,he apologized to me about him looking away when I looked at him,he told me he only did it cause I caught him looking at me from head to toe.Then later that night,I ended up meeting him at the hospital out of a cowinscedence,so when I saw him,me and him just talked,and we both couldn't stop smiling.Then the next day we planned,to both go th the hospital that night,and so we did,and we met eachother,and as usual we talked and then we went outside,and thats when he held me,so I held him back,then when we were about to walk back into the hospital,he asked me if I could be his girlfriend,and I said YES!And then when we got inside he asked me if he could kiss me and I said sure,and he leaned over and kissed me on my cheek,and thats when I felt how soft his lips really were.And since then our realtionship has been the most incredible experience that I am going through,and I want everyone to know that today is our two year ann..


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