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At some point I really believed I was the only person that knew very little about the internet. I grew up doing Judo at eight years old. The majority of my time was spent on the mat or doing schoolwork which required books. I didn't get my first computer until I was 15 years old. The internet wasn't really required to type a five page paper on the Civil War when you have the textbook next you, so I still didn't use the internet as much.

The older I got, the more important the internet became. Friends would have conversations about things I knew nothing about because they saw it on the internet. It didn't bother me because I was in a different frame of mind at that time but I was still interested in the art of “surfing the web”. Being in a society where the majority of the information can be found online didn't click until my final years in high school. My friends were watching movies before they were out in movie theaters like Spiderman and watching the latest independent films like City of God and I wanted to be part of that conversation just so I didn't feel left out. Also I didn't want to spend money going to the movies.

Years went by and I still didn't fully submerge myself in the idea of going on the internet because the computer I had home was falling apart and the internet connection was slow. Inevitably, I found myself using the computers at the college library more frequently. Each week I found something new on the internet. The time I could use to study or do a project, I was probably watching a childhood cartoon on youtube. Then it got worse. I would watch independent movies, big mainstream films and even the making of the films. Making a feature film looks fascinating and fun but it takes a bundle of man power and time.

Today, the internet is my best friend. I needed to get internet on my phone because I felt I wouldn't survive if I didn't have that connection. Besides working at an online video platform and helping independent filmmakers promote an online film, my life is consumed by watching Judo clips and watching the latest movies online at home. I still haven't seen City of God. I guess I have something to watch this weekend. 

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My name is Garry St. Leger. I started doing Judo at the young age of 8 years old with my twin brother in Brooklyn New York and continue to still practice this wonderful sport. I've trained and competed all across the world and met many different people through my sport…

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