My Self Experience Of Tough Fasting

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Dear All, Human body is full of surprises and unless we do some experiment our selves we do not really understand our own power or capability .Today I want to share my own experience here. I am following Jainism and it is the religion formed by God Mahavira. It is on the principal of love ,compassion, live and let others live .
In our religion there is the most difficult activity called fasting.I have started this activities and I have decided to do it for constant 16 days.The name of this activity is called "SolBhatthu" .Here the condition is most toughest. For constant 16 days I do not have to eat anything neither fruit nor liquid juice nothing. Also the water I have to consume during this days having timings between sun rise and sunset.
After sunset even I can not drink water also.

The water is also made differently . I have to boiled the water first and allow it to cool only in a normal way .I can not use refrigerator to make it chill.

With glad I want to share here that I was able to complete this activities successfully without any problem in my body

Conclusion: Your Mind and Body consists of amazing power if you utilize the same.


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