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What is Negative Self -Talk?

Are you aware of the negative self-talk that goes on in y in your head? All of us experience this in our lives, some more than the others. It is that inner critic who needs to comment on everything you do or want to do. This judgmental voice in your head disturbs your peace and destroys your confidence in  yourself.  It tears apart every plan you make, every venture you take up and every idea you come up with. Negative self-talk not only disturbs your emotional balance  but it also destroys your motivation. 


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Where does negative self-talk originate from? 

Negative self-talk could originate from various sources. 

  • It could come from your own negative thinking.
  • It could be from the voices of significant others in the past telling you that you are not good enough.
  • It could be echoes of  the voices of  your peers or your boss

Wherever it comes from you need to remember that negative self-talk is not the complete truth. It is possible that it may have elements of truth in it but it is an exaggerated version of the truth. .

The good news is you can silence and even stop the negative self-talk.


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How does negative self-talk effect you?

  • Negative self-talk works in ways unseen.
  • It destroys your motivation and drains out every desire to accomplish anything in life.
  • It sabotages every plan, every dream you have ever dreamed of in your life.
  • Your life goals and aspiration vanish into thin air because the voices in your head make them seem impossible.
  • Negative self-talk denies you the pleasure of ever feeling happy or confident in your life. 


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Emotional functioning: The incessant chatter of this inner critic could completely paralyze you and could stop your growth and advancement as a human being. If allowed to go on without being challenged, this inner voice could retard and even cripple your emotional growth to a large extent.



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Social growth: Negative self-talk could constantly batter your confidence and self-esteem which in turn could lead to keep away from people, cause a decrease in your social interactions and even to completely withdraw from society over a period of time.

Financial growth: When emotional and social growth are curbed your mental ability to function at the workplace or even get a job would be at risk, leading to financial troubles


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 Individual growth: However, I believe when your worth as a person, your self-respect and your general well-being is being threatened your identity is lost. It is important to put a stop to this negative self-talk right away. It is impossible to stop a habit that has been cultivated over the years in one stroke. Be prepared to work patiently and consistently before you see changes.


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How to stop Negative self-talk?

Pay attention to the negative chatter in your head. Evaluate the kind of statements made. Becoming aware of them helps you move further to the next step effectively.


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Counteract negative self-talk by challenging those thoughts right away. If you constantly hear how worthless you are, it is time to ask yourself if this is completely true. Take time to list out your achievements no matter how insignificant they seem. This provides you with enough material to start believing in yourself rather than the voice in your head. This arms you to confront the inner critic with some real evidence to also defeat that negative voice within.

Re-frame your thoughts based on what you know is true. Refuse to believe in what the voice in your head wants you to believe.


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Use positive self-affirmations  Positive self-affirmations repeated over and over again reinforce self-belief. This could be based on the evidence you have built. E.g. “I am strong", I have what it takes", “I am adequate" etc. These change your core beliefs over a period of time.

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Be alert to stop the negative voice in your head and replace it every time with positive self-talk. Over a period of time of constantly replacing negative self-talk with positive thoughts, you will form a habit of checking and arresting this negative voice in your head.
Start to aggressively use positive self-talk to push yourself forward no matter what the circumstances are.


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Get up every time you fall down. It is possible for you to doubt this process when things go wrong, but remember things go wrong for everyone from time to time. Make sure to pick yourself up and move forward when you fail, you are in the baby stage and babies do fall when they begin to stand upright and walk, however, this does not deter them from walking in anyway. Take into account what all those years of negative self-talk have done to you. Do not be hard on yourself. See how far you have come towards believing in yourself.


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Never give up on yourself. Let that inner critic die a natural death because of your tenacity and refusal to listen to it any more.

List down every tiny achievement in your life, print them out in the largest font size you can find and put them up where you can see it many times in a day. Be reassured that the voice in your head is not the truth. 

Believe in yourself. 





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