NewBee and Aftershock out of Synergy League, replaced by and Denial

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The LAN finals of Synergy League are right around the corner, and we now have the final list of participants. NewBee and afterShock will not be able to attend the event, and they have been replaced by and Denial. ViCi Gaming did not cancel their participation.

New changes were announced by the Synergy League organizers today, as two more teams of the original team roster of the tournament's LAN finals will not participate in the event. NewBee, the Chinese representative and Aftershock from Sweden will not travel to Barnaul, Russia, and they have been replaced. The first new participant is the newly formed, and the second is the European squadDenial eSports.

NewBee's participation seemed improbable for several days, after the team forfeited their spot in StarLadder X finals due to missing player passports. The Chinese organization did not make a specific excuse this time, and they just stated that they do not wish to travel to the event's finals. On the other hand, it seems that ViCi Gaming will join the rest of the challengers in Barnaul just as originally planned.

The Swedish squad Aftershock will be unable to travel to Russia as they did not manage to get their hands on the required papers (visa) in time. The team's performance was a pleasant surprise in Synergy League, as they finished their group with a 5-2 gamescore and passed through the pre-playoffs undefeated. Their absence from the event is saddening, as it would have been interesting to see how the team performs in LAN against major opponents from all over the world.

 Synergy League Finalists :

China ViCi Gaming
Malaysia Invasion
Russia Moscow Five
Europe Moscow
Russia Empire
Russia HellRaisers
Belarus Power Rangers
Europe Denial 

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