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Before KYLE came NOTICE!

I can remember being terrified throughout it's entire production life...

Over the summer holidays I watched many short films for inspiration but one in particular stuck in my mind. 

'Missed' by Guy Ducker 

An enormously simple film centred around a conversation.

I watched it again and again and again and it always had the same gripping effect, I bloody loved it!

After contacting the director himself he gave me a few valuable tips..

1. Keeping the logistics of a shoot simple allows you to focus solely on performance.

2. Go through the script with your actors, whatever they don't feel natural saying, change it.

3. Morals. Testing everyday morals is, identifiably interesting.

I can't remember how I came to writing about a girl in a warehouse who meets a girl doing community service.

I just remember thinking, conformity girl V criminal girl = What would happen??

The conversation in 'Missed' won it for me so I started writing a conversation between these two girls and building a world around what they said.

(Writing became so much more easier!)

Pushing it further, I made sure there was an air of intrigue created between them, not quite by their words but more by their actions. The ONION technique! The characters in Missed had an air of possibility between them..I think this is what gripped me.

So Lizzie's character became quite analytical, she was an observer and my actress did a good job in trying to 'suss' Hayley out with her eyes!

It then became questionable as to whether there was more between these girls...or not.

And that's what I liked most!

The fact that questions were asked and their relationship was debated...

I've decided, I'm definitely one for anti spoon-feeding.





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