Now 2 Years for Bitcoins Said Andreas

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Technological Industries are always be there on the Rise in the Domination and Dispute of the World.Bio,Nano and more, all live in such a region approaching euphoria assumed Some day.Groundbreaking innovations/Inventions are happened by earth shattering failures &  There is no dearth  to report of “news”.

The recent bitcoin conference which helded in San franciso,in which as always One Enthuses the Audience and other was their to Confuse.Led by Andreas Antonopoulos who is security expert, entrepreneur and high-vis bitcoin advocate ,Tales of technological limits, encroaching regulation and wary consumers can leave even the most enthusiastic devotee a bit deflated. But at the end of the one-day bitcoin-by-the-Bay conference, attendees were left with a rousing call to arms,

He targeted the Media in the Words "The media is refining the message, saying ‘The currency is a joke, but the technology — I don’t know, maybe there’s something there,” he said.
 “Bitcoin is a currency, bitcoin is a network, bitcoin is a technology and you can’t separate these things. A consensus network that bases its value on the currency does not work without the currency."


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