Nylone 6.6 fibers

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The word nylone is a generic term which used for a group of chemical compounds classified as polyamides. As nylone contains 85% amide linkages,therefore it is also known as polyamides. The raw meterials used for the production of nylone 6.6 are (hexa methylene diamine) and (adipic acid).

Simple procedure of production of nylone 6.6 is given below:

  • The reaction is carried in an inert atmosphere, nitrogen gas, at C for 4 hours.
  • The water formed in the reaction is removed from the mixture.
  • When the required viscosity is obtained, the polymer reaction is stopped.
  • The molten polymer is extruded from the autoclave on to a water cooled casting wheel in the form of ribbons.

  • The polymer ribbons are solidified on to a casting wheel and cut into chips by a dicing machine.
  • The chips are collected in storage bins.
  • The wet chips are dried in air in rotary dryers.

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