Oil and Water

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This amazing experimental video was created by Sam Spreckley. (Sam is an artist based in Scotland, Interested heavily in the moving image and sound design. Besides Arts Practice, he also works freelance in both sound design and general video editing and directing work). This work was a product of life pressures and an interest in science and experimentation, specifically biology and cell structures. Oil and water will never mix and it is this basic concept that has driven the production of this video work. Sam wanted to create a situation where the two try and come together, despite the obvious outcome. The physicality of oil and water will never allow this union and thus causes an interesting to and fro within the video frame. The images have been mirrored and a combination of machine,electronic and organic sound create an almost abstract machine like structure, technology and nature come together in an exploration of force and pressure. Single screen edit of a two screen video installation, created as part of the Cooper Summer Residency for Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art.. Dundee, Scotland. Oil and water video installation. Digital video, oil in water.

All credit goes to the creator of the video Sam Spreckley.



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