One Night Five: Stories of a crazy fan fiction of wrestling

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Note: This one is twelve stories, one for each month...


One Night-Story one: Chris Hero

It was a very cold January night and I was shivering. I just got back inside from the cold making sure everything was okay outside. Chris came to me with a warm blanket and he wrap it around me as I try to warm up. "You are so cold" said Chris. "I know" I said. "So, when are you going to have classes again?" ask Chris. "Real soon" I said. I sneezed. "You don't sound good" said Chris. "Gee, thanks. When you are on the road again?" I ask Chris. "This weekend" said Chris. "Well, we have two choices, we can go at it now or wait until Valentine's Day" I said. "I guess now, but let's see how you are" said Chris. "Okay" I said. It took me an hour to warm up. Chris came to me. "So, how are you feeling?" ask Chris. "I feel so warm" I said. "Warm enough?" ask Chris. "Very warm enough that I so want to do this" I said. I grab Chris and kiss him on the lips. "I see" said Chris. Chris grabs me and he kiss me, lips and tongue. "So, I see you are very fine" said Chris. "No duh. I just glad that I am with you" I said. "Yeah, I know" said Chris. We walk to our bedroom. We take off our clothes and sat on the bed. I lay down first. Chris then got on top of me and he easily penetrate me. I moan loud, but Chris kiss me. Chris started to feel me. It was so passionate. The kissing, the thrusting, the touching, everything was sweet. Chris get off of me as soon as he reach his peek. "Oh my! I never felt so happy!" I said. "Me too, but, you know what?" ask Chris. "What?" I ask. "Don't you want more?" ask Chris with a wink. "Oh, I know what you are saying" I said. Chris lay down and I got on top of him. I so ride on him. Chris was loving it and he feels my breast. Soon, Chris got up and we kept going at it until we stop. We kiss so much, it was so sweet. "This is so sweet!" I said. "I know!" said Chris. Sure enough we kiss and then we lay down. "Well, that was so much sex for one night" I said. "Yeah, but, we should do it again" said Chris. "Okay, but, maybe after the weekend" I said. Chris nodded. We both kiss and fell asleep. I fell asleep in Chris' arms.

One Night- Story two: Austin Aries

It was so close to Valentine's Day and I was in a room with Jeff and Karen Jarrett who noting more then try to have sex with me. I was going for it, but suddenly, Austin Aries bust in. "What's the meaning of this?" ask Karen. "My girlfriend! I want her now!" said Austin. I look at him. "What?" I ask. "You told me that Lindsie is not yours! Now what's the sudden change?" ask Jeff. "The change? The change is that I was wondering what's going on! Now you both leave!" said Austin. The two did. I look at him. "Uh, thanks" I said. "Now, you are very bad!" said Austin. I was so scared. "I'm sorry!" I said. I got real scared. Austin started to laugh. "They are gone" said Austin. "What?" I ask. "I was really worry about you. I did not expect that those two were trying to hit on you" said Austin. "Why?" I ask. "Because, they shouldn't be, since they have so many problems" said Austin. "I guess I should leave then" I said. "No, wait" said Austin. "What?" I ask. "Listen, I don't think you should leave yet. I want to leave my mark" said Austin. "Huh?" I ask. "Let me lead" said Austin. He started with a kiss. I was starting to resist. But, then he had me lay down on the bed. He kiss all over my body. I was resisting, but, suddenly, I cave in. "I need to know" I said. "Know what?" ask Austin. "New Years with Tommy Dreamer and Thea Trinidad. Why?" I ask. "They are my friends" said Austin. "Don't you know that..." I said. Austin kiss me. "Don't worry. You are all I want" said Austin. I look at him. I suddenly let him to do it. Austin penetrate me. As he works on me, I had to think. Why would he save me and what did he said to leave his mark? I moan and Austin kiss me. "I know that you hate me, but you love me" said Austin. "It's hard when you do crazy things and the storylines are very stupid" I said. "You should never hate me" said Austin. "I won't. Not after this" I said. The sex was being so wild. After the sex, I look at Austin Aries. "Don't ever worry of me hating you ever more" I said. "Are you sure?" ask Austin with a smirk. "Yes, believe me" I said as I giggle. We kiss so much. "Now I made my mark. No one should ever touch you" said Austin. I was confused of what he said, but, one thing is for sure, I am his.

One Night- Story Three: Dominique, Tyler Black, and Chris Hero

It was the day after St. Patrick's Day and I woke up seeing Chris Hero laying next to me. Then I see Dominique and Tyler Black on the couch looking so cute by cuddling. "Oh what the heck happen?" I ask so loud it woke up everyone. "Oh, looks like she's up" said Dominique. "Well it took hours for you being so drunk" said Tyler. "What's Chris doing in my bed?" I ask. "Something that you won't believe" said Chris. "I must gone nuts" I said. "Yep, but, Chris did you" said Dominique. "Say what?" I ask. "Oh this is going to be crazy" said Tyler. "Dude, we need tell Lindsie what happened" said Dominique. "Domi is right" said Chris. "So, what happen?" I ask. "You were in a drinking contest against both Valentyna and Stu" said Tyler. "By myself?" I ask. "Sort of" said Tyler as he blushes. "Huh?" ask Chris. "I remember that, it was you, Moxley, and me vs. them. It was a way to bet to see who would get Claudio out of the company" I said. "But, do you remember next?" ask Dominique. "No, after having the fifth shot of sake, my mind went blank" I said. "Oh, you won't believe what happen" said Dominique. "What happened?" I ask. "You went wild and try to have sex with Moxley, but, Tyler and I had to pull you off" said Dominique. "Oh dear" I said. "That's not all" said Tyler. "More?" I ask. "Yeah, we had to call Chris to get you to your room" said Dominique. "Yeah, but, there was something that you won't believe" said Tyler. "What would that be?" I ask. "You and I had sex, since you were in a drunk rage" said Chris. "Oh my! I did not know!" I said. "Yeah, let's just say that, Chris got you so good" said Dominique. "Don't tell me that you and Tyler..."I said. Dominique nodded. "Oh my! You two are perverts!" I scream. That's what happen. I was drunk and I tumble into my room with Chris Hero that night. I did not remember as much. But, what Dominique said what happen. I was laying down and Chris took my clothes off. "I...I...I did good!" I said as I hiccup from the sake. "Yes, you did" said Chris. I was going to get up, but, Chris push me down. He started to kiss me. I did not know that was going on, but, what Dominique tells me, I felt so freak out, since Chris and I perform a sex show in front of Dominique and Tyler. "I had to make sure that you felt it" said Chris. "Yeah, now I am" I said. What was more crazy is what happen when Tyler end up fucking Dominique. "Now I feel so dirty" I said. "No, you were good" said Chris as he smiles. "Oh, you are so going to be in trouble!" I said. "What? I did not had no other choice!" said Chris as he looks at me so sad. "Oh brother" I said as I went to kiss Chris on the lips. "So, what happened to Valentyna and Stu?" I ask. "Oh, Moxley and Claudio took care of them" said Tyler. "Wait, Claudio was with us?" I ask. "No, after Chris carry you to the elevator, Claudio swing on by and we told him what happened and sure enough, he help" said Tyler. "Okay, that's the last time I get in a drinking contest" I said. "Yes, for sure" said Chris. "But, one thing is for sure is this" I said. I pounce on Chris and then kiss him. "Just do it again, please Chris?" I ask. "Tyler and I are going to get breakfast!" said Dominique as she grabs Tyler as he stars at us. Sure enough, that's what happen.

One Night-Story four: Tim Donst

It was a very bad April night. Tim Donst lost to Chris Hero and Michael Hutter in two matches that night. He lost, because the referee did not see that they cheated and Tim got so furious about the cheats and demand a rematch. He don't know if he would, but, I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to face against them again. I really hated that I had to see Tim being so angry. I was walking out of the show and headed towards the exit when all of a sudden, Tim stop me. "Wait Lindsie!" said Tim. "What? I was going to let you be, since after what happen. I'll tweet to you later, like tomorrow" I said. "No way. Come with me" said Tim as he extended his hand out. I grab his hand and he pulls me off to the locker room. Since no one was in, we both enter. "I don't know what's going on with you, but, I've take it that you are mad, but, I'll let you..." I said. Tim kiss me. I was in shock. "Let me" said Tim. Tim and I sat down and he strip my clothes off. Then he takes off his ring gear. We both kiss. Tim walk me to the shower and he turns it on. He kisses me and we let it just happen. I was feeling happy. Tim penetrate me and just do me. It was so weird doing it in the shower, but, it was feeling right. It was just so crazy. Tim work on me so hard, I was loving it every moment. I moan so loud, but, I did not want anyone see what we are doing. As soon as Tim reach his peek, I was so happy. "You are feeling better?" I ask. "Yeah, I am. Thank you Lindsie, I so love you" said Tim as he kiss me. "Your welcome Tim, I so love you too" I said. We kiss and then we continue more of this shower intimacy. After that we got dry off and then we kiss more. Sure enough we got dress and had to leave the building. "I am never going to let you feel so upset" I said. "And I will the same" said Tim.

One Night-Story five: Chris Hero

It was my birthday. Yes, May 6th. I wanted for my birthday is Chris Hero. Sadly, he's late somewhere. I just finished a day of classes, when I saw a tweet from Chris, wishing me a happy birthday. "That's not enough" I said. My eyes got cover by long fingers. "Not enough" said a voice. "AH! CHRIS!" I said. I turn around. It was Chris. I hug him. "Yep, I am sorry Lindsie, but, I wanted to surprise you" said Chris. "It's okay. All I just wanted is you for my birthday" I said. "Well, I am here and I am going to make you night that you will never forget" said Chris as he smiles. "Oh this will be sweet" I said. Chris nodded and then he kiss me. Chris pick me up and carry me upstairs to our room. There he had a few things to share with me as he put me down on the bed. "Lindsie, it's been months since we were dating and I want to move on" said Chris. "Huh? You want to break up?" I ask. "Huh? No way, are you that mad? I love you silly! I want to marry you" said Chris as he blushes. "Oh! You are asking me in marriage?" I ask as I smile. "Yes, I want to marry you. I want to start our family. I so love you, so please say be mine?" ask Chris. I was stun. Chris has brought out a box and he give it to me. It was a emerald engagement ring inside the box. "Chris. I am shock! I so do!" I said. Chris hugs me. "But, what are we going to do?" I ask. "About what?" ask Chris. "Starting a family" I said. "This is the best part" said Chris. I was figuring that this is what he wanted. Chris and I take off our clothes as Chris put some music on. Chris took off my bra off and then my thong. Chris then kiss my body all over. I was starting to love this. "Oh, Chris!" I said. "That's just the beginning" said Chris. "Oh god!" I said. Sure enough Chris got up on top of me. He penetrate me and gone in deep with ease. He kiss me while he is thrusting. I moan a little and I kiss him right back. Sure enough, Chris got to his peek and then he got off and then we kiss. "Oh my! Chris, I am so happy right now!" I said. "Me too. Happy birthday Lindsie, I love you" said Chris. "And I love you too Chris" I said. We both kiss and then we went to sleep with me in the arms of Chris.

One Night-Story Six: Tim Donst

I was tweeting back and forth about Tim Donst with my twitter pal, Skits, until Eddie Kingston tweeted to us. He got crazy and said real mean things about him. I curse out on Eddie and said to him that he was nothing more then a bully. Eddie snap back at me. "How could you defend a loser like him, when you could be with me, chica?" ask Eddie. "You know what Eddie Kingston! You are nothing more then a bully! How dare you insult a man like Tim? You are treading water Kingston. No wonder you beat him, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, and Sara Del Ray! You are just want the fans on your side! I don't know how much you can wrestle, but, after I find out you hurt Tim and gave him a concussion, no way, I would ever follow you! So, I am going to block you!" I said. Skits saw what I said and ask me if I am okay and I said I am not fine and I am going to call the police. Eddie tweeted back with a warning. "See, how could you let some pipsqueak love you, when I could give you everything? Mark my words Lindsie, you will never look back once Tim is done with you" said Eddie. As I was going to block him, Tim tweeted to Eddie. "Still picking on innocent women Eddie? You are nothing more then a bully and Lindsie needs a gentleman" said Tim. Eddie did not tweet back. Tim enter the room as he sees me looking sad. "I saw what's going on. You don't need to worry about Eddie Kingston. He's nothing more then a bully and you don't need to deal with that. I will take care of him" said Tim. "It sounds like he tried to hit on me" I said. "Well, he won't come near you at all. As long as he don't come in between us, I know he is not going to mess with us. He's looking to show off" said Tim. "Well, in this June summer night, I don't know Tim. I feel like he threaten me with my life" I said. "Nope, he's just a bully" said Tim. "Well, with all this crap, I need to be alone" I said. "No way, you need is love and I am going to give you that" said Tim. Sure enough, Tim was starting to feel me up.  I was starting to resist, but, I started to feel safe. "I am never going to let you feel hurt ever again, I promise" said Tim. I nodded and kiss him. Soon enough, Tim and I took off our clothes and sure enough, we have sex. It was crazy. There were a whole lot of kissing and I moan and Tim kiss my neck. I was feeling so happy. After sex, Tim was promising me that he will never let me be hurt and he knows that he will protect me. "I know Tim and I am sure enough that I trust you" I said. "I will and I love you Lindsie" said Tim. We both kiss and then we went to our room and feel asleep.

One Night-Story Seven: Austin Aries

I was running away from Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky is yelling at him. I ran so fast and I bump into Austin Aries. We both fell down. "Ouch!" I said. "Hey! Watch where you going!" said Austin. "I am sorry, I was running away from Chris Sabin!" I said. "Huh? Lindsie? Is that you?" ask Austin. "Yeah, it's me" I said. "Why are you running away from Chris Sabin?" ask Austin as he pick me up from the ground. "He was trying to hit on me. I was asking him if he saw you, but, he was so trying to hit on me, but, Velvet Sky saw it and she confronted him. Sabin started to chase after me, but, Velvet grab him and did not let him go" I said. "Whoa! I am so not going to let him harm you for that" said Austin. "Yeah, by the way, I got your tweet" I said. "Yeah, about that. I was going to see if you wanted to see a movie, but, something was driving me insane" said Austin. "What's that?" I ask. Austin grab me and he takes me to the locker room that was empty. He zip off his pants and his underwear. "What's going on?" I ask him. "Lose the bottoms" said Austin. "Sure thing" I said. I was really afraid what is going to happen. Austin had me sitting on the bench. I did and sure enough, I was laying down. Austin started to move around on top of me. I was going to scream, but, Austin have done nothing wrong, yet. Then, Austin started to penetrate me. I moan. "I am sorry Lindsie, but, I want to do this!" said Austin. "Please! Don't!" I screamed. It was too late. I felt like Austin Aries rape me. I beg him not to continue, but, he said that he can't. I tried to fight him. "Please get off of me! Why are you doing this to me?" I ask. "It's because I love you!" said Austin. I screamed and scratch his back, but he still won't get off of me. I bite him and he kiss me. I was so fighting back, but, suddenly I could not stand it! I cave in. "I can't believe you! You give me no choice. I surrender to your advances" I said. "Great! Please tell me what should I do?" ask Austin. "Please go in deep" I said. Sure enough, he did. I cried and Austin and I kissed. After that, Austin reach for his peek and he get off of me. "See, was that not bad?" ask Austin. "Yes, it was! I can't believe you!" I said. I was going to cry more, but, Austin kiss me and then he let me do something to him. Sure enough, I hit his butt. I started to smile. "There, does that feel better?" ask Austin. "Yeah, I guess so" I said. Sure enough, we put back on our bottom clothes and then we kiss, until Velvet Sky confront us. "There you are Lindsie! And I see you found Austin Aries!" said Velvet. "Listen, I am sorry that Chris Sabin was after me" I said. "No, it's not your fault. It's mostly mine, but, it's Chris' too. I am going to send him somewhere to get help" said Velvet. "Okay, whatever you say Velvet" I said. "Great! I see that you and Austin had a chat or something" said Velvet. "Yeah, you can say that" I said as I hold Austin's hand as he hold mine. "Oh, I see. Well good night you two!" said Velvet as she walk away. "That was close" I said. "Yeah, let's head back to my place. I will whip you up a nice vegan snack" said Austin. "Sounds really sweet" I said. Austin smiled. As we walk out of the building I notice something. "Hey Austin" I said. "Yes Lindsie" said Austin. "I just realized that this night is when you beat Bobby Roode for the World title a few years ago" I said. "Oh yeah, it is" said Austin.

One Night-Story Eight: Chris Hero and Tim Donst

It was a crazy August night and Tim Donst and I were totally drunk. I was more drunk then Tim is. We both walking home when we saw Chris Hero. Sure enough, Chris seen us and we had bad breath. I stumble into Chris and we went down. "Ouch! You are so drunk Lindsie" said Chris as he rub himself where it hurts. "Hi...Chris...what are you doing?" I ask. "Well, I am here to take you and Tim home, but, it seems that you stumble on to me" said Chris. I don't know what I was doing, but, I was sure enough went crazy, when I felt something bumpy in Chris' jeans. "It seems...that you...have a boner!" I said as I was slurring my words. "Uh, Lindsie" said Chris as he started to blush. Sure enough, I was nuts and unzipped his jeans and pull his boxers down a little bit. I was crazy, but, I slide my underwear down and sure enough, I was penetrated. We both scream and Tim was just standing there. He got mad and sure enough, he wanted action too. He unzipped his jeans and his boxers and then he gets to me in the back. I screamed and sure enough both men went at it. The three of us moaned and scream. It was just very bad, almost everyone saw what happened, but it was in the dark. As the guys reach their peek, there were police sirens and soon enough we had to get off and escape. But, it was too late. The police came and arrested both Chris Hero and Tim Donst and I was taken to make sure that I was not rape, despite, I was so drunk. The police detectives needed me to sober up. So, they did. As I was so sober up, they ask me questions. "I'm sorry. I was drinking with a friend and the next thing I remember is being here" I said. The police believed that I was rape. Both Chris and Tim were asked and tortured by police detectives. They explain what happened. I had to hear what Chris was saying. I was pressured to press charges on both men, but, I refused. "I am not going to press charges on both men" I said. "Why?" ask a police detective. "Because, Tim is a friend, and Chris is my fiancee and what happen tonight was my own doing and I maybe wanted this" I said. The police detectives won't buy it. They demanded I press charges. I ask for their superior. She came and she tried to convince me. "I can't. This is just harassment from your detectives. All I am asking for you is have us let go" I said. "I am sorry, but, we can't" said the police captain. "You give me no choice, but I will go over your head and I will have a lawyer out!" I said. The police captain was scared. She had no other choice, but to let them go. I went to the cell and both men were released. Tim left and then Chris got mad at me. "What the heck did you do?" ask Chris. "Listen, I did not call the police and what's worse that they were pressuring me to press charges on you and Tim" I said. "Not that! Why were you drinking with Tim?" ask Chris. "I got scared about the wedding and I needed one final drink! I am so sorry Chris!" I said as I was taking off the engagement ring, give it to Chris, and walk away. Chris went after me. "Where are you going without this?" ask Chris. "I figure you want to call off the wedding" I said as I was shedding tears. "No way. I am forgetting what happened tonight. Although, that was one weird sex. But still I know you were getting one last thing before we are married, but, let's go crazy when we are at home, okay?" ask Chris as he is wiping my tears. "Okay" I said. Chris place my engagement ring back on my ring finger and we leave the police station.

One Night-Story Nine: Dominique, Tyler Black, Chris Hero

It was a very odd September Night. Dominique and I were walking on the boardwalk of Atlantic City. We found out that both Tyler Black and Chris Hero are in town. Dominique and Tyler have been dating for three months, mostly of Skype and twitter, but they meet like twice and this is third time that they are meeting. As for Chris and me, we been dating for a whole year, with a combination of tweeting, calling on the phone, Skyping, and sending letters and gifts, since we are so nostalgic. We had seen each other almost the whole week, for the year, but Chris had to get to where he needs to and he ends up leaving his stuff at my house, despite my mother get really mad. Usually it's his clothes, but some occasions, he leave his ring gear that he already used and he show me how to wash it. But, what's different tonight is something what gonna happen. "Lindsie, I am so nervous" said Dominique. "What? You are nervous?" I ask. Dominique nodded. "Oh right, you two haven't seen each other much more then Chris and I did" I said. "Yeah, that's true. What if he don't remember me" said Dominique. I started to laugh. "What's so funny?" ask Dominique.  "How could you say that when you two have been Skyping when Tyler had not to wrestle?" I ask. "Oh right!" said Dominique. I told the guys to meet us up on the third floor of the mall, since they have restaurants and I already made a reservation at one of them. We go upstairs to the third floor. We look around. "Lindsie, I don't see them" said Dominique. "Don't worry Dominique, they will be here" I said. Sure enough, we walk down to the other end of the floor and then we walk back. I see Chris and Tyler coming up. Dominique and I were so happy. "Chris!" I said as I walk up to him and hug him. "Lindsie" said Chris as he hugs me. "Tyler!" said Dominique as she ran up to Tyler. "Dominique!" said Tyler. The two hug. "Well, where are we going?" ask Chris. "Follow me" I said. Chris and I hold hands as we enter the restaurant that I made reservation. We enter and it was so peaceful. As we sit down, we look over the menu and order food and drinks. As we eat, Dominique was so scared. "Domi, what's wrong?" I ask. "I don't know what to say" said Dominique. "You just did" I said. "Dominique, you look lovely this evening" said Tyler. "Thank you" said Dominique. "This is going to be that long" I said. "Well, at least those two can settle down" said Chris. "Oh really?" I ask. "What?" ask Chris. "Oh nothing" I said. "I think I can't wait to spend the night" said Chris. "Yeah, I agree" I said. Dominique and Tyler were looking so nervous. "I think you two are nervous" I said. "Yeah" said Dominique. "I think it's us" said Chris. "Okay. I got an ideal, let's Chris and I leave you alone" I said. "No wait!" said Dominique. "Dude, don't leave us" said Tyler. Dominique and Tyler then started to laugh. "You two are so weird" I said. "Speaking about weird, Lindsie, I want to tell you something" said Chris. "Okay" I said. "I love you more then as being your boyfriend and you being my girlfriend" said Chris. "Err, what are you saying Chris?" I ask. "I want to love you as my wife" said Chris. I was in shock. Dominique and Tyler looked at Chris and then they look at me. "Chris, is this a proposal?" I ask. "Yes, will you be my wife in holy matrimony?" ask Chris as he brought out a box with an emerald engagement ring. "I do!" I said. Chris took my hand and he place the engagement ring on my ring finger. Dominique and Tyler was like going nuts. "Dude!" said Tyler. "What?" ask Chris. "Dude, you made Lindsie so happy!" said Dominique. Chris nodded. "Well, this is getting sweet" I said. "That's not all" said Chris. "What else?" I ask. Chris whisper in my ear. I smiled. "Lets" I said. Chris took my hand and we both walk out the restaurant. "I guess we are left with the bill" said Tyler. "Let them be. I am happy for Lindsie and Chris" said Dominique. "Me too" said Tyler. "So, shall we head on back to our room?" ask Dominique. "Yes, let's" said Tyler. As the two finished paying the bill, Chris and I were heading to our room. As we got upstairs to the room that I got for the night, Chris pick me up and carry me to the room to the bed. We then make out. As that was happening, Dominique and Tyler were getting on the elevator. They were heading to the room that Dominique got for her and Tyler. As they headed up to their room, they hear noises. "Looks like Lindsie and Chris are going at it" said Dominique. "Yeah" said Tyler. Well they are right. Chris and I kiss so much as we take our clothes off. Soon the sex happened. It was really crazy. But, not as much as Dominique is with Tyler Black. When they got in the room, the two kiss and soon they just go at it. They were loud more as we were. After Chris reach his peek, we hear those two and the next thing I hear Tyler's voice. "You are such a good girl" said Tyler. "A good girl?" I ask. "Oh, dude!" said Chris. "Shut-up Lindsie and Chris!" said Dominique. "Night you two kids!" I said as I am laughing. Chris laugh too. It seems that Tyler and Dominique went to bed. As for Chris and me, we both kiss and went to bed. "Good night Lindsie" said Chris. "Good night Chris, I love you" I said. "I love you too" said Chris. We fell asleep.

One Night-Story ten: Tim Donst

I was rushing so fast and went out to the door. I pick up a gift for him and headed to his house. I was looking so messy, but, I quickly groom up and then I see him. "I am so sorry Tim!" I said. "Lindsie, you arrived! Don't worry about being late, I know you just got here. We are going to that comedy show that my friends are in it. So, let's go!" said Tim. "Sure thing!" I said. Tim and I took each other's cars to the show. We got there and went inside together and holding hands. "So, when will they be on?" I ask. "About a half-hour, so don't worry" said Tim. Sure enough, we got a seat and Tim order us drinks and a snack. Then we watch the show. It was really funny. Sure enough, Tim's friends came on and they got everyone laughing. They told many jokes and then they talk about Tim trying to do stand-up comedy and that was way too much. Although Tim was defiantly got up on stage. He tells a few jokes and also describe his match that he had against Chris Hero. It was way too much funny. However, Tim had  to say something. "Okay, you know that today is my birthday and one thing is for sure is that I am so glad to be with my girlfriend Lindsie. She really saved me as I did not know if I wanted to start a family. But, I think that will change after tonight" said Tim. I was looking at Tim as he signals me to come up. I got up and Tim said something that I won't forget. "Uh, okay, what's going on?" I ask. "Well, we are through!" said Tim as he got mad at me. "What? What did I do! Unbelievable!" I said as I give him his gift and then walk off on stage. Tim was being a real meany, until Tim open the gift and he smiled and then he went after me. "Where do you think you are going?" ask Tim. "Just leave me alone!" I said. Tim grab me and I slap him. "Ouch! What did I do?" ask Tim. "For being a real jerk!" I said as I was shedding tears. Tim's friends Jimmy and Nikki came out of the building. "Lindsie! You need to come back inside! Tim haven't finished what he is saying!" said Jimmy. "No!" I said. "Lindsie, please come back!" said Nikki. "Okay, for you Nikki" I said. We went back inside and then Tim continue. "Now, where was I? Oh yeah! We are through being boyfriend and girlfriend, because I wanted to be your husband Lindsie! So, will you marry me?" ask Tim as he got down on one knee. I look at him. I started to laugh. "This is the most insane proposal I ever seen and it happen to me" I said. "So?" ask Tim. "Yes, I do" I said. Tim really smiled as he got up and we both kissed. Tim forgot to pull out the engagement ring, which he did and he place it on my ring finger. I look at Tim. "You remember!" I said. "I do. After what you tweeted, I recalled that is what you wanted" said Tim. I smiled. Soon enough after the show ended, Tim and I drove back to his place and Tim went into my car in the back as I went and climb to the back. "Let's do this" I said. "Sounds fine with me" said Tim. Sure enough we made out. Then we took off our clothes off and then had sex. It was so sweet. As that was happening, the windows were fogging up. "Oh, Tim, the windows are fogging up!" I said as I moan with the thrusting. "I see" said Tim. As Tim reach his peek, I smiled and kiss him. Soon after that, we quickly got inside of his house and went to his room and went to bed. I fell asleep in Tim's arms as Tim soon fell asleep.

One Night-Story Eleven: Austin Aries

We just finished having a very great Thanksgiving. I was going to get ready for our evening. I got the bondage gear ready. When, Austin Aries wanted me to watch wrestling. "Fine!" I said. "We will do it later! I promise" said Austin. "You better" I said. "So, what's on your mind?" ask Austin. "I was going to prepare you for a really fun time" I said. "Right, so you say" said Austin. "What?" I ask. "Oh, nothing" said Austin. I look at him and he just laugh. "So, what are you going to do? Why are we watching this?" I ask. "Just wait" said Austin. Sure enough, we watch his match and sure enough, I was surprised what he said. I see what happened and then, I look at Austin. "Really?" I ask. "What?" ask Austin. I just grab him and kiss him. Austin smiled and he kiss back. "So, you want to do it?" I ask him. "Yes, let's do this" said Austin. I got my bondage gear on and Austin did too. I strap him on the bed and start whipping him. He begs me to do more, but, I insist that I want to just do something really crazy. "So, what are you going to do?" ask Austin. "This!" I said. I put on a strap on and was about to do it, when Austin started to freak out. "Wait! I just want to fuck you!" said Austin. "Now?" I ask. Austin nodded. "Fine!" I said. I un-strap him and Austin removes my bondage gear. Austin kiss me. I lay on the bed. Austin got on top of me and he penetrate me. I moan. "I am starting to feel happy!" I said. "I know!" said Austin. The sex was getting so sweet. I beg for more and Austin did. I was so happy. We finished up and soon went to bed. "Thank you for this sweet Thanksgiving" I said. "You welcome my sweet wife" said Austin.  We both fell asleep.

One night-Story twelve: Chris Hero

It was the day of our wedding and I was feeling so nervous. I wanted to be laid right now. So, I know I was so not to look at Chris, but, the wedding was one final step to be sleeping together without me being a whore. I was surly scared. Suddenly, I hear a door knock. "Who is it?" I ask. "It's me Chris!" said a voice. I went to see through the peephole. It was Chris alright. "What are you doing? We can't see each other before the wedding!" I said. "I know! But..." said Chris. "But, what?" I ask. "I want to pleasure you before the wedding" said Chris. I was in shock. He was thinking what I was thinking. It look like we were two horny dogs being separated and just wanted to be together and just do it. I look outside and it was about to get dark. I was going to open the door, but, Chris open it. We tried not to look at each other. I did not have my full wedding dress on. I had was my undergarments. Chris was not in his suit yet. I quickly ran and hide myself, but, Chris sure followed me. Soon, Chris grab me and he throw me on the bed. I was sure enough that I really want to do this. I took off my underwear and got on all four. Chris quickly remove his bottoms and just do me. I moan so loud and so did Chris. It was just that great. Soon, I hear noises and we had to be quiet. Then the noise were gone. I fall back and sat where Chris is and Chris sat down. He grab my breast and start to feel me. We just feel that this is right, but, we need to get through with the wedding. So, Chris stop. "We shall continue this after the wedding" said Chris. "Agree" I said. I got off of Chris and he grab his bottoms and made a mad dash out of the room. I started to feel the sex that just happen. An hour later, it was time for the wedding. As the ceremony began, the reverend ask why we can't marry. Then someone spoke. It was Tim Donst. "I can't let this happen!" said Tim. "Why not?" ask Chris. "Because, I love her!" said Tim. Another man spoke up. "Me too!" said the man. We all gasp. It was Austin Aries. "Why?" I ask. "I don't know, but, I feel this is right!" said Austin. My friend Valentyna got so livid. She and Stu chase the guys out of the ceremony. "Okay, that was so weird" I said. "I am sorry, but, I know there was something going on and I did not want them to take you away" said Valentyna. "How come?" I ask. "Well, let me just say, that you and Chris are meant to be and on top of that, I figure out that Chris was missing and he was not in his room. I figure he went to see the one woman who would make him feel alright" said Valentyna. "Who?" I ask. "You" said Valentyna. I was in shock. It was Valentyna alright looking for Chris. She wanted to make sure that we could not see each other. "But, how?" I ask. "Well, even though, you two were not to look at each other before the wedding, but, somehow, you had a way to have sex, before you two went down the aisle. I say that was very smart thinking from you both" said Valentyna. Chris and I blush. "Well, we did what we can do" said Chris. "Well, that's taking care of. Any more confessions or can we move on?" ask the reverend. "Wait!" said another voice. "NOW WHAT?" I ask. "You can't marry Lindsie!" said another voice. We all turn around. I gasp. "What are you doing here?" I ask. "I am here to stop the wedding!" said the voice. Stu got very angry and took the guy and throw him out. Stu came back in. The ceremony continues. After the ceremony, when the reverend pronounce us as husband and wife, Chris and I walk out together and got to the limousine and we went from the church to the hotel to get to use their reception hall. As we were getting there, Chris and I started to kiss and made out. Then as we arrived, we get out and join everyone for the most great reception that was put together by our friends and families. It was getting very sweet. Everyone was going nuts. There were a whole lot of drinking, talking, and eating. Chris and I did not want to drink, because we wanted to go crazy after the reception. A few hours in, as everyone was totally wasted or helping those who are wasted to go to a hotel room. Chris and I said good night to everyone and quickly made a mad dash to the elevator to our honeymoon suite. As we did. Chris and I just stare at each other, but, then kiss and made out. As we made it to our honeymoon suite, I look at Chris and he look at me. We quickly took off our clothing and finally have sex. It was just feeling so right. "Now, where did we last left off?" ask Chris. "Right, let's see, you and I were sitting, but, now the ceremony is over, let's just do this!" I said. Chris laugh and he got on top of me. "Ready?" ask Chris. "Yes, let's" I said. Sure enough, Chris penetrate me and I was moaning and I was smiling with tears streaming down my face. Chris smiled back and he kiss me. The sex was very sweet. After Chris reaches his peek, he gets off of me. "Well, that was fun" I said. "Yeah, and I am so tired" said Chris. "Me too" I said as I kiss Chris. "Well, good night Lindsie, my dear wife" said Chris. "Good night Chris, my dear husband. I love you and happy birthday" I said. "I love you too" said Chris. We both kiss and fell asleep. I fell asleep in Chris' arms.

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