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One year old Reza Sameer is the winner among the 12 others winners of raffle draw conduct by the Al Madina Group. This promotion was from July 10 to October 10.

Talking to the news men Mohammed Taha, General Manager of Al Madina Group, told “The labour class is the key for the trust building on the group’s customer base. 
The most amazing thing is that the winners did not hold a driving license, and they were shocked to know the news. 

Reza’s father, Shamseer Abdul Rahman, who got the keys and documents of the new BMW car, sais that he was glad to own a BMW car as prize. They live in Sharjah and dream a car comes true now. He will very easy to go throuhg in rush traffic now as they were in trouble to move in public transport with his twin girls.”

Tazul Islam, a Bangladeshi worker from Abu Dhabi earns Dh1,500 a month told the sources that he did shopping for Dh500 from the shopping mall for his vacation. He was stunned to see his name and mobile number on the board of market indicating the winners of BMW cars. I didn't believe my eyes. I will sell the car and get the money for my family and future plans.

The winners are mostly  Indians - Mukesh Kumawavath, Harbal Singh, Gopal, Riyas P M, Chandan Savu, Nithish and Reza Shamseer, one Pakistani (Mufassal), two Bangladeshis (Muffassal and Tazul Islam) and one Filipino Ezel Longos.

‘’I am  an electrician in Jebel Ali earn  Dh3,200 per month. I did shopping for some things from the Dubai Investment Park branch of Al Madina Supermarket. Now  I am a winner of  BMW evenI don’t have a driving licence.  I  will sell the car and  money wil be spent on my family needs.  I am father of four children and all are schoool going” said Ezel.

An Omani policeman Ashib Seeni has also a winner of BMW.

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