Operation Exceptional Child: Raising Awareness about International Efforts to Help Disabled Kids

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If you read my online interview posted recently on Film Annex, you know my most difficult challenge in trying to provide disabled children in Afghanistan the proper resources has been funding.  This, in spite of the fact that the US has maintained a heavy military presence in Afghanistan for more than a decade no doubt contributing to the occurrence of disabilities, especially among children.  However, because of competing priorities in Afghanistan children with special needs have yet to make it on anyone's radar. This apparent lack of awareness regarding the occurrence of disabilities among children in Afghanistan has created the funding challenges of OpEx Child, and further added to the dilemma of making education and a better life for these special children a reality.

In an effort to draw greater attention to international efforts to help children with disabilities , I am currently in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) researching what is being done in this country to help children with special needs.    I'm hoping that my efforts here will also help chart a more viable course to fund OpEx Child to assist children with disabilities in Afghanistan.  The production of OpEx Child, the documentary, is also pending in which I hope to explore further and  document international efforts to assist disabled children.



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I have spent the past 25 years advocating on behalf of my disabled daughter to help her realize greater independence and a better quality of life; it has been a life-lesson for me and the most difficult thing I have ever done. Raising a child with disabilities is challenging enough…

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