Outlook 2013 / Office 365 and cPanel/WHM email accounts. Nasty Bug that most Web Hosting providers won't tell you about and how

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Well everyone who knows me knows that if you present a bug to me I will go and find a work around or a fix for it.  I won't stop till I do either.  Today I will be posting about this bug that I have dealt with and the work-around that I have found for it.  I will also include links to pages that explain how to do the things that I am talking about in your Outlook install.


1.)  You are using a Web Hosting Provider who has you using cPanel/WHM

2.)  You are able to receive email, but cannot send email.

3.)  You have Office 365 or Office 2013 installed and are using the Outllok 2013 or the Outlook provided with Office 365.  (XP, 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010 are not affected by this bug.)


FIRST WORK-AROUND:  (Easiest of the 2 so try this first.)

You are going to want to remove the email account from your Outlook and re-add it back after removing it and restarting your computer.  So lets follow this order.

1.)  Remove the email account from Outlook.  Use this link for a tutorial on how to do that.  How to remove an email account from Outlook.

2.)  Reboot/Restart your computer.

3.)  Open Outlook and add the account back into Outlook.  You can follow this tutorial to do this.  How to add an email account to Outlook.

4.)  Verify that this workaround has worked for you by sending and receiving email on your account.  (This should fix 90% of the issues and only in rare cases will you need the other workaround.)


SECOND WORK-AROUND.  (Harder of the 2 and requires a bit more technical know how.)

During this part you will be removing Office from your computer and installing it back on.


1.)  Follow this tutorial on how to remove Office 2013/365 from your computer.  How to remove Office 2013 or Office 365 from your computer.

2.)  Reboot/Restart your computer.

3.)  Now you will install Office 2013/365 back on to your computer following this tutorial.  How to install Office 2013 and Office 365 on your computer.

4.)  Open Outlook and use the tutorial on how to add an account to Outlook to continue.

5.)  Verify that your account can send and receive emails.  If this doesn't work you will need to contact Microsoft directly which at this point they have nothing further to give you.  This may change as this post grows older, but at the time of me typing this they had nothing further.


Thank you for reading my help file that I hope was in plain English for everyone.  I will post more of these if I receive good feed back from this one.  So if you like what you are reading then let me know!

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