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Paidverts">">Paidverts is a relatively new PTC that works together with MyTrafficValue to make a pretty interesting PTC/Crowdinvesting hybrid, they belong to the Future bussiness group Limited and they are registered in New Zealand.

So lets review how this company works, where it gets its fundings and how it pays us.

Name of the company: Paidverts.
Owner: Jo Cook.
Personal earnings: adds may pay from 0.00005 to 50$(highest i´ve seen) per add. The quality of the ads depends on your BAP score(i will explain later).
Referal earnings: 5% per clicks, 10% per ad purchase.
Minimun required invested time: 30 minutes twice a day
Referal limit: No referal limit
Minimum Cashout: 1$-10$ (it varies depending the method of payment you choose)
MyTrafficValue Earnings Balance: No minimum!
Perfect Money: $1.00
EgoPay: $10.00
Solid Trust Pay: $10.00
PayPal: $2.00 *
Payza: $2.00 *
Western Union: $250.00
Bank Wire: $250.00
*Be wary about cashing out tiny amounts to PayPal and Payza. The fees can wipe out a significant portion of your cashout; you'd be far better off waiting until you have several dollars in your account before cashing out.
Payment methods :

Countries: ALL :D


As in any ptc our basic daily job is to click on a link that will direct us to a 30seconds add with a captcha code after the time has passed, you have 18hours to do the ads once they arrive in your account or you´ll forfeit the ad and it will be sent to another user, every ad has a different value.

The companie´s way of measuring our progress is trough something called BAPS or Bonus Ad Points, the more BAPS you have the greater value adds you will get.

1 BAP= 0.0005$

Everyday you will get some BAPS to get you started, and you can also invest to get extra BAPS for each 1$ you invest they will give you 3100BAPS.

That means that for every invested 1$ you will get 1.55$ worth of adds so its a pretty nice profit if u ask me specially cause its guaranteed.

For each direct referal you bring into the company you will get 10% commision, so if ur referal buys 100$ in ads you will get 10$ directly credited to your balance(not in ads) and 5% the valued of its clicked ads so for every 20$ in ads they see you get 1$.

I Joined on november 11th trough a referal link in a blog(blogger´s unite ^^) and these are my stats so far:


Not bad for my first 2 weeks ^^ i invested 10$ to enter, to test it before recommending it and to speed my advance up a little and if you have an extra 10$ that you wont be needing this month i suggest my team to do it(you´ll get then back the same month if you do the work) but you can join totally free. Here">">Here you can join trough my link">">link and I will guide you through the whole process.

In the next weeks( as soon as i get my mic :D) i will do a video walktrough if you have any doubts just let me know and cya soon ! :D


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