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Late feature of Pakistan Army terminating squad shooting blindfolded youthful men in Swat area has brought up numerous unanswered issues on their professionalism. The shooting of unarmed citizens by troopers has insulted their picture as well as put into inquiry the real US military support to an armed force included in human rights violations. Pakistan Army should altogether and transparently research the genuineness of the feature and consider military faculty responsible for all such appalling misuses submitted against regular folks in continuous counter-insurrection operations.

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The Pakistan Army additionally had a monstrous gift of arms from the USA. The weapons were apparently given by the USA to battle the communists, however everyone knew including the US President that they would be utilized against India. Among the weaponry were the celebrated internationally Patton tanks with infra red vision and night gadgets. The Pakistan Army massed these tanks on the outskirt with India at chamb Jaurian area. They longed to make a push and cut the state of Jammu and Kashmir from India. The arrangement was sound,but the Pakistan General staff had not ascertained on the stern Indian reaction and the way that India may open an alternate front in the Lahore division to calm the weight on the Chamb part.


General Ayub Khan.

Ayub Khan was a course mate of General Cariappa and had cut his teeth in Burma as a component of the Chamar regiment (however later he guaranteed he was from the Punjab regiment). The period before Ayub assumed control was one of unsteadiness and no legislation. Costs had shot up and the populace of Pakistan were searching for a friend in need.

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