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I was just sitting and watching T.V,Got and Idea to write a blog on the currency notes Its a superb idea to write something on it because there are some famous places,Institutions and the Mountain's pictures are on the notes which are having a rich history and the images show that they are going to live long forever.

Although the currency notes gone through different phases and evolved but i am talking about the latest phase that is going on.Before 20 to 25 years ago there were coins and cents were available but demolish in late 90's by the time by the STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN 

There are some currency notes that I am going to show in the pictures as well as the videos to support

First comes the 1000 Rupees note,Here it is

The Image on the backside of the note is the ISLAMIA COLLEGE KHABER PAKHTOON KHA Which is located in the midle of  Peshawer which is known as the KHABER PAKHTOON KHA now one of the oldest educational institutions in the History of Pakistan.It is Build in 1913 and in favour of Pakistani students and its roots are also very old and historical because it is matched in With ALIGHARH MOVEMENT .

The Founder of the university were two big names as they establish this wonderful institution SIR SAHIBZADA ABDUL QAYYUM  and SIR GEORGE ROOSE KEPPLE in 1913.Previously it has got the status of a college in 20th century.the construction work was started in 1912.

The college was opened in october 1, 1913 and by the time as going through the hard times in 21st century it has got the status of the University.The purpose of the University to provide quality Education to its youth in Arts,Science and Humanities

The Image on the backside of the 500 rupees is the image of BADSHAHI MOSQUE which is situated in Lahore.It is built in the 6th Mughal Emperor AURANGZAIB.Its construction period is constituted on 3 years from 1671 to 1673.It is the largest mosque of Asia and the 5th largest mosque of the world.It is as similar in architecture as the Jama Mosque in New Dehli.It has got a vast courtyard about 276000 square feet with the capacity to accomodate one hundred thousand of people to offer prayers and similarly ten thousand of people can be accomodated at a time.

In 1799 the Sikh Emperor Rangit Singh took control on the city Lahore and used the Mosque's vast courtyard as the stable for its army horses.With the passage of the time when the British took control on the city In 1849 they used the Mosque for the Military cause ,they built 80 stores for the Military purpose.

The image on the backside of the 100 rupees note is of ZIARAT RESIDANCY situated  in Balochistan.It is a famous resort and hilly place.It is 8850 above then the sea and 125 kilometers away from QuettaIt is also very famous because it has a big forest in it.Ziarat is the place where Quaid-e-Azam lived lived his last days in and a famous place to visit.This residency was build in 1892.The has a made fully made of wooden structure and has beautiful architecture itself. 

There is small dam and in it and a valley with different fruits of summer and winter season like cherry in summer and apple in winter.The local people are really hospitable and the weather in summer season is very pleasant.There is small rest house on the peak.It has small place where comes a water falls it is beautiful mindblowing sight for the visiters.

The image on the backside of the 50 rupees note is the name of the mountain named as K2.This is the 2nd highest mountain in the world with the hight of 8611 is after MOUNT EVREST.It is situated in Gilgit Baltistan of northern Pakistan.The K2 named as came from the survey called Trigonometry.The mountain was first surveyed by the Europeon survey team in 1856.Thomas Mongomerie was given it a rank of 2nd highest peak of  Karakoram Range.This is the special to be named as the same but most of the other peaks were named as changed with the time.

The first attempt was taken place on 1902.There was no modern transport in early 1900's and it has taken 14 days to take a foot step on the peak.The 2nd attempt was in 1906.After there was another attempt in 1938 by the Americans,they reached the hight of 8000 feet and eventually came back because of unconditional weather treat and climate change conditions.the next tour was schedual in 1953 by the same team and they reached the hight of 7800 and failed to move on because of bad weather and stayed and waited for 10 days and because the illness of one of their member.

The expadition was made by the ITALIAN members in jully 1954 was the successful one.There was a Pakistani with the team.His name is Colonel Muhamad Ata-ullah who was the member of the team in 1953,so that was a great achievement for him.

The Image on the backside of the 20 rupees note is the image of the historical Place called as MOHENJO-DARO.It is very famous place in Sindh province of Pakistan.It is an archeological site to visit.The word itself means the MOUND OF THE DEAD in Sindhi.It preserves the history of those people BC.Monhenjo-Daro is situated in Larkana district in Sindh and on the right bank of the Indus River.Its also known as the HARRAPAN civilization.This civilization was the most advance of Its times.As the scenario tells that there was the element of civil Engineering and Urban Planning.

Mohenjo-Daro's civilization structure of living is almost related to that of ours.buildings,some of them used the fired baked bricks,some of them used the sun dried mud-bricks for creating their structure.An eastimated Idea taken the population of the civilization approximately 40,000.Some of the things were found from the place like Jwellery,Gold,Stone tools,Balance Sacales and weights and children toys etc.

The Image on the backside of the 10 rupees note is the image of KHYBER PASS situated in KHYBER PAKHTOON KHA.It is mountain basically that has pass between Pakistan and Afghanistan.That has been cutting through to make a pass.The pass has a rich history over the years it has been used by as the invaders like ALEXANDER THE GREAT and GENGHIS KHAN and also the Muslim Invaders of South Asia like MEHMOOD GHAZNAVI and the Afghan MUHAMMAD GHAORI they pass through the Khyber pass.

Later on it was captured by the Sikh Invader named as RANGIT SINGH got the control of Khyber pass in 1798.when the Brittish came in they established a heavy railway long track to transport the good from one place to another through the Khyber pass.The railway train started to florish for first time in 1925.

The Afghan war in 2001 the Khyber pass was a major route to supply the good to the NATO forces.Almost 80 percent of the NATO supplies are through this Khyber pass.This route is relatively safe because of the different tribes are living there.


The coins that are used in with the passage of time they are 2 catagories 

c2) Islamic coins-: This coin system was started by the Arabs,Later on it was spread and used by the Mughals and the british's in 1947.

The state bank of Pakistan is the responsible authority in respect of viewing the the money in circulation.This is the central bank of Pakistan.

Those are coins that are currently using on but The coins was first introduced By Pakistan State bank in Rupee coin were introduced first introduced in 1979.two rupee coins were also introduced in1998 and 5 rupee coins were also introduced in 2002.Later on the 2 and 5 rupee notes were also introduced and changed by the coins in 2006.

Here are some of the old notes that were used before my birth and some of them is used in the age too but I Taken those pictures from the net because of the fact that i don't have the old notes and coins.

PKR 1 Rupee 1948-1949

 Detecting a fake note

                                                The state bank of Pakistan has made a clear cut view about detecting the fake currency notes in this respect the State bank has included some features in the notes by this way the normal person can also find out easily and have a diffrence between the fake and the original notes.These features are as under

1) Electrotype watermarks

2) Rainbow Printing

3) anti-scan areas

And there are some hidden features involve to it that makes it easier to judge between the fake and the original.


Some are the hidden features 

1) The paper

                    The paper that is used to made the currency note is the special one and there is a thread that is used in the notes it can not be pulled out of the paper at any time.

2) The watermark image 

                                     Quaid-E-Azam image has been shown on the right side of the note,it can be clearly seen under the light and the water image as well.

3) Ultravoilet detection

                                      Feature of the currency note when you pass a black or ultravoilet light over the currency note there comes a bluish light glowing from the note means the note is fake reject the note.

4) Checking of watermarks

                                             Watermark colour is found on the right side of the note from the front.something is also written in the note ca be found written easily.This type of watermarks are not printed on the paper but can be changed by the thickness of the paper.

4) The security thread

                                     There is security note in the currency note which can not be pulled out of the paper.The security thread shows a dark line and the word ' State bank of Pakistan ' is mentioned on the thread.

5) Optical Variable Ink 

                                     There is flage printed on the note with a crescent and a star on 500,1000 and 5000 currency notes.This is all printed by the OVI(optical variable ink )that changes colour from green to magenta and magenta to green,when it view from different angles.If the flage does not change its colour it means that the note is fake.


6) The printing colour 

                                    The ink that is used in it to print the note is very special that can not be swet or the note can be looked de-coloured.the fake note's ink always smudge's as the note wets even a small portion of it.

After almost one and half month i am writting a blog i am expecting the higher stars this time.Here are some the picture that i have taken from the net not mine because of the lake of picture of that type and also some idea is also taken from my friend he showed me book and his own ideas as well so its a complete package.

                                                                        Hope for the best and so you will like that as well waiting for best to come  

                                                                            Thank you!                  




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