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Pakistan Museum of Natural Histroy (PMNH) was established in 1976 in Islamabad.This museum is full of large number of natural history specimens (plants, rocks, animals ,fossils & minerals). I visited this Museum last year and now i shared my experiance.This Museum made for education purposes only .Many students use this Museum for research purposes and also no tickets for students but you have to show your student card.Animals bodies are preserved with some type of chemical which smells nasty .I also saw a warning board on left side of the entrance don't touched anything.

Picture taken while entering.

1st I saw the Indus Blind Dolphin

Reptiles corner (Turtles, Snakes, Lizards and Crocodiles).

Varanus bengalensis (Indian Monitor Lizard)

Crocodylus palustris (Crocodile)

Nilssonia gangeticus (Turtle)

Chitulia ornata (snake)

Wild animals preserved bodies.

Small Indian Civet (Viverricula indica)

Yellow-throated (Marten Martes flavigula)

Honey Badger (Mellivora capensis)

Indian Pangolin (Manis crassicaudata)

Stegodons were bigger in size than the modern elephants and were common in AsiaTusks in male elephants were Larger than in femalesThese fossils of teeth are about 1.7 million years old.


Homosapiens originated perhaps in Europe about .5 million years ago.In this Primitive form of man, the size of the brain case was almost as much as in the humans today,But the shape of the skull and teeth pattern were in between that of Homoerectus and modern man.


belongs to family Bovidae and is widely distributed throughout the world.These fossils were collected from Lehri area Jehlum & are about 7 million years old.

These creatures used to live in the Mianwali and Kalabagh Ocean during Triassic and Jurassic times.They belong to phylum Mollusca.


Anthracotheres looked like hippoptamus and were widely spread thoughout Eurasia during much of Tertiary times and came into the present Pakistan territory in early Miocene times.They were very large, heavy artiodactyls with short limbs and broad, fourtoed feet.They evidently became specialized for life in streams and river banks.The displayed fossil of the lower jaw was recovered from the 20 million years old sediments, exposed at Dera Bugtiarea,Baluchistan.


Facts about Elephants

The Elephant is the largest living land mammal of the world.Two species of this animal, the Indian Elephant and African
Elephant are found in Asia and Africa.Males are always lager and heavies than the females.A mature male may exceed 10 feet in height and 5000 kg in weight.The average life of an elephant is 65 years.

This skeleton was donated by Bahawalpur Zoo in 1983.


Facts about GIRAFFE 

The giraffe is the tallest terrestrial animal living in the world, Although fossil records show their presence in Europe and Asia but now they are Restricted to Africa onlyMale Giraffes may be up to 18 feet (5.5m) in heightFemales are relatively shorter.

This skeleton was donated by Lahore Zoo in 1983.


This skeleton was collected from Oramara, Balochistan in 1983.

Major Tumber of Pakistan

Cedrela Serrata

Dalbergia Sissoo

Olea Ferruginea

Ziziphus Jujuba

Cedrus Deodara

The age of thi tree trunk is 283 years.It is bought here from Kamal-ban forest, Kaghan valley.


In this video you see the only tall tree forest area of Pakistan.Galiat, Kaghan , Chitral, Swat, Dir and Neelam Valleys are present in this region.This area provides excellent habitat for a variety of animals species included Flying Squirrel, Monkey, Grey Langur, Black Bear, Musk Deer and more.

In this video you saw the Foothill area of Pakistan.It includes Jhelum Valley , Rawalpindi foothills and Margalla hills.The plant species which are frequently found here are : Chir pine, Kau, Garanda and Sanatha.Among the animals, Barking deer, Wild pig, Leopard.

3rd Video represent the Potwar region of Pakistan.It is identified as 'Arid sub-tropical' Zone.Kikar, Phalai, Kao , Sanatha and Bhekar are the most common plants of the area.Among the animals, Urial, Chinkakra, Panther, Pangolin and Hyena .Partridges, chukor and Quail are the game birds frequently found in this area.

In this video you saw animals which are usually fund here are freshwater fish , frogs, turtles, snakes ,rats and a variety of both resident and migratory birds such as ducks, moorhens, coots, egrets, herones, King fisher and harriers etc.


Facts about Blue Whale

This skeleton pf Blue Whale was collected from Pasni (Balochistan) in 1967, Blue whale is a mammak and largest animal ever lived on earth.It has a maximum size of 105 feet (35 meter) and weighs up to 200 tones (200000 kg).The heart of the Blue whales up to 600 kg,Weight of the newly born calve is about 3 tones having a length of 25 feet drinks upto 573 liters a milk in a day and gains About 90 kg weight per day.



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