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Hello Everyone, my today's blog is on Parkour, which is an amazing sport, or you can use word "activity" for it. Parkour is also know as free running, its an amazing art founded by Raymond Belle.

Raymod Belle, was born in 1939 in Vietnamese. In First Indo-China war, his father was killed, and his mother was seperated, and he sent to Orphange. He was sent to Orphange when he was 7, and he started to train harder, and harder in order to not become a victim. He started climbing, praciticing, training and he uses military obstacle course in secret, he also made his own course to train harder.


David Belle:

Raymod Belle's son, David Belle, was born in 1973. He is stunt coordinator, fight choreographer, and an actor. He is also know as founder of Parkour, after his head, he supported and developed the Parkour.

 He is also part of some amazing free running films like, District 13, and District 13 : Ultimatum. After, having few coversations with his father Raymond Belle, David learned about practicing the skill, which his father usually call "Parcours". Parkour is something, which helps you in trouble, and can be an effective way of surviving.

Concept of Parkour:

Parkour is an amazing sport to learn, and the moves are impressive. The basic concept of Parkour is, to jump from one place to another, or jump from heights, or if you are in trouble with your skills, you can exit the certain harmful area. 

Parctitoner's aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment. Learning Parkour also teaches you to see the places, spaces or obstacles different way than the other humans. With your skills you can jump from one point to another, without having any difficulty and if you are in trouble, you can escape the place unhamred, or without having to fight anyone.


Basics of Parkour:

First thing every beginner should learn, and practice is Parkour Roll. Parkour Roll is a great thing to learn, and when you jump from height and land on your foot, you can in injure your foot, but instead of landing on your foot, you will be way more secure.

When you roll, after landing on the ground, you spread the impact and the force. So, if you jump from heights, and you roll, you hardly feel a little pain, but if you land on your foot, you might injure yourself.


In Parkour, it is very important to learn the landing before the flying. It is very unique and impressive skill, but it is quite dangerous as well, and if you don't practice it in safe spots, you might injure yourself. After, Parkour Rolls, the most important thing for beginners is to learn the Vaults.

Vaults are a parkour technique, which allows us to jump over an obstacle quicky.  If you are in some sort of chase, and in middle of chase there is some sort of obstacle and you know vault than you can jump over it.

How to do vaults?.. to learn Vaults check the images below,





Tips for Beginners:

What is Parkour?

Jumping from one point to another, or jumping over obstacles is called Parkour. The good thing about  Parkour is, Parkour is something that anyone can do, and it can be done anywhere, you can do it in your way to the school, or whatever is your destination. The only thing which stops you from achieving or reaching your destination is obstacles, and parkour is all about jumping over obstacles.

Tips for Beginners:

Begineers, should not perform the moves on hard surface, they should practice the moves on the soft surface first, and the most important thing before practising is stretching. Stretching is something, which is very necessary not only for beginners, but for experts as well. It is very important to make sure that, the blood is flowing properly through all over the body, so, for that you have to make sure you are completely warmed, and good to go.

Why stretching is necessary?

It is necessary because, if you just get up from bed, and start climbing, or jumping, you might injure yourself.

How can Jumping, or Climbing injure you?

It can, because if you are not warmed there is fair amount of chance that the blood is not flowing properly in all over your body, and for example, that you don't have blood flowing properly in your foot, and the stunt you are going to perform you will land on your foot, and you are not warmed, you don't have blood flowing, you will definitely going to injure yourself.

 Stretching Exercises :



(This is all, thank you all for reading, I hope this blog was helpful for beginners, and I hope you had good time reading it )


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