Past and Present!!!

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Now baby I thought was delicious just the happiest thing.
But big then know what to eat when sick is not delicious.

I thought as a child like most parents away from home, want to do what they do.
Growing up before the time that the new parents are important and the most popular.

At the time I thought the baby just remove the battery meter is the most stressful time possible, rotating within a few more hours to the time passed quickly through the exercises sitting right now.
Large and knows how precious time, I also know that time does not stop, does not wait for anyone or anything.

Now my baby is crying every intersection whether injured or not, more and more cries when people stand up and comforted.
Grown to know so many new fall more mature, and I know he got up with his feet after every fall.

At the time I thought the baby gate is always open to welcome everyone.
Large and not know how well the gates open, although open then not everyone can go.

Now baby I just step on the path drew parents, doing things their parents have guided ...
Large and knows also the time to seek out your own path and walk on it without any guidance one hand, have to do things that are not there "guidelines".


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