Pathetic Story for Someone's Publicity

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Today I read this story in Facebook. It is really pathetic and bring tears on my eyes too. But it lead me remind the thing, that there are many parents being neglected in this way and many are there to save them and provide a safe shelter, surviving materials but silently. They don't put their all stories on social media sites for their publicity. 

This is the story, which I found in Facebook and feel pity for the old mother and hate the person who tried to utilize this sentiment to increase his publicity in Facebook. 

By clicking on the picture you can directly visit the page in Facebook and read the same story there.

By the way, the story touched my heart too much and it lead me feel worst about the person who use this sentiment as a good opportunity for him to pull some traffic to his profile.

So I have left this comment to this story.

"Very bad that family had done who neglected their responsibilities towards their mother and you have done the worst thing using this sentimental issue in favor of your publicity. You could try to find the real solution for this and then put the story here thus many would get encourage reading this. There are many stories remain such untold and even there are many saviors remain unknown to this web world. But some batty people like you always use the sentiment for the publicity and to become famous without doing anything good for the sufferer."

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