Patriotism part one

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Love for one’s country is patriotism. It also show one’s loyalty to one’s country. A patriot is a person who loves his country with his heart and soul. He desire to sacrifice everything for his country in case of need. He wills to spend his wealth for its welfare. He wills to shed his blood for the safety of his beloved mother land. The word patriot is Latin in origin. The original word of patriot was patriota that means ‘a fellow citizen’. Being a patriot is a noble quality.

Patriots are very strong peoples by heart and will. They are brave enough to guard the benefits of the country and the nation. A patriot gives utmost importance to the supremacy, unity and dignity for his country and nation. He never makes deal on these high values. To guard and secure these noble ideals, the patriot make every big sacrifice.

Quaid e Azam was the founder of this country and saviour of this nation. He was a great lover of Pakistan. He wished to guard the high values of Muslim civilization. He wanted to protect the great traditions of the Muslim of the subcontinent. He got independent country for them. Thus he gave them a name and recognition. He urged the people of Pakistan to be patriots. He said that this quality of patriotism would unite them. It would make them a power full nation.

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