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Calling all the gaming enthusiasts!

Now you have to chance to play games that are more than just a way to ward off the boredom of long hours of work at the office. Who has not shot zombies or any other immobile beast, broke balloons or driving a motorcycle over different types of obstacles? The problem with these types of games is that they are exciting at the moment, but nobody returns constantly to this type of entertainment.

But what about a website with browser games that gives you the specific immersion of a stand alone? Welcome to Pepoworld! will open its virtual doors In December 2014 and will invite the user to put his Morg shoes, the devil with the honorary title of "not allowed at ANY card game contest", or Zorg, the angel with difficulty concentrating and permanent attitude of "happy go lucky", in the adventure to recover the Power Gem. And do not think that the troubles finish with the Gem recovery ...

Join us and stay up to date on all of our future 2015 updates, games releases, news and store promotions! You can also send us your opinions and ideas at:

Checkout our animate logo and our splash screen for the first game "Above and Below"! We hope you like it!

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PepoWorld is an independent mobile games developer, available in cyberspace at the address:, a free games website, with no purchase necessary.

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