PERSEPHONE The Return - Final Episode in the series

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So, here we arrive, at the final episode of PERSEPHONE. With a series about cycles it's hard to say there is an end, as we know each Autumn and Spring that Persephone is continuing her journey...  But when I look back at the young, scared, Persephone of the first episode, - and then see the stronger, more confident Persephone in this last episode, I recognize the journey of a woman above and beyond her circumstances and landscape, and feel good knowing that we accomplished what we set out to do.

We might age toward higher numbers, but truly our lives roam around in circles to get there.  And each time around, hopefully, we get a little wiser for it.  I can certainly say that working on this series has helped me to grow in many ways and I've learn a lot about myself as an artist.

I am deeply grateful to my cast and crew: Carrie Anne Hunt, Linda Donnell, Sketch MacQuinor, Carrie Johnson, Josie Lawson, Neil Butler, Mark C. Donnell, and Gene Allen for all their hard work and wonderful talent.  To those who helped us with beautiful locations: Daniel Rouk, Lindsay Archer, Lana & Gary Burton Rogers, and Nancy Reiser.  To our IndieGoGo backers for believing in independent short film!  And to Film Annex for giving me the platform to showcase this series, and it's wonderful community of filmmakers who have inspired me and given me great feedback along the way.

Thank you all for coming on the journey. I so enjoyed the ride!  I hope you'll continue to carry Persephone with you - or at least think of her the next time the leaves change, or the ice begins to melt off the sidewalks.


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