Pick Your Stars, Afghanistan Women and Veteran Entrepreneurs

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At times, you must pick your stars and inspirations.

I am an avid watcher of 60 Minutes on CBS. A few years ago, I contacted one of their guests, Ron Noble, the director of the INTERPOL. This triggered a few conversations over the phone, one meeting in Lyon, France, and two in NYC. At the end of the day, I started production on a web series I called The Red Notice and got 500K viewers, funded the project with advertising and got hundreds of thousands of fans and followers. Nice!

Last Sunday, I was one of the five people watching 60 Minutes instead of the Giants destroying the Packers. This gave me the opportunity to hear how Qatar revolutionized the Arab world with Al Jazeera. The episode ended with how Tunisia influenced Egypt and how Egypt influenced Libya and how the three major dictators are now powerless. All of this happened because of what people saw online on Al Jazeera and discussed online and funded online and online online online online...

Any one-way compensation at this stage can only polarize the debate, just like we argued years ago over Al Jazeera and its influence on the "other side." It's time for international news companies and governments to join forces and invest in the internet infrastructure of those countries instead of installing iMacs in my children's kindergarten in Manhattan.

NATO has sponsored rock concerts and documentaries.
Roya just joined out network.

Roya Mahboob's success will determine the success and healthy future of the economy of Afghanistan before our words.

One more person who is now a major point of reference for me is Jonathan Weinkiper, Veteran entrepreneur and business inspisartion.

As you can see, our Stories About NATO and the two people above can really make a difference, generate interest, suport the Afghanistan educational system as well as reward the veterans with what they deserve: a Veteran support organization and strong Veteran business opportunities.

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