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A poet is actually a philosopher. Who can thing beyond of present happened. A poet is a very sensitive character of a society. He can observe every fact of life in a better way. He can make us aware of the negative or positive but true facts of life. He makes use able to face the society of life. A poet can lead his nation in a batter way and it is a true fact that the new generation. It a nation is well mannered and civilized then poets of that nation a guide in a very good manner.

   But if a nation is uncivilized then we can say that the poets of that nation irresponsible about the future of their country and they guide their nation to darkness and vulgarity. A great poet is actually the one who is sincere with his nation and he is a well wishes of his nation and he knows the negative and positive points if their nation and he makes them aware of their wrong deeds and guide them to right way and successful nation is the cause of its good poets.

  ALLAMA MUHAMMAD IQBAL is true poet and he was well wishes of his nation he awaken his nation when they were busy in their worldly affairs   and were losing their dignity in the world then he made them aware of the great deeds of their fore future and past. And ALLAMA IQBAL is a good definition of a good and responsible poet, so we can say that a good poet leads his nation to heights of dignity and a bad poet leads his nation to decline. We should respect our national poets because our nation future our in their hands we should pay a great tribute to the dignity of a good poet…!

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