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So I'm sitting here and I thought, I want some chocolate milk, but not your average chocolate milk, my home made chocolate milk. What's so special about my home made chocolate milk? Well it's much more diluted than store bought chocolate milk. Really, the stuff you buy in the store is WAY to rich for me. When I'm at school and I want chocolate milk from the cafeteria, I have to basically do 1 part chocolate milk and 6 parts white milk, because the store bought stuff is essentially milk diluted chocolate syrup. My chocolate milk is like 1 part syrup and 10-12 parts milk. For some reason, I just don't really like what is conventionally chocolate milk.

It's kind of funny, once my aunt was over and I said I was making chocolate milk. When she saw it, she asked if I forgot the syrup because my chocolate milk looks like white milk in low light. It's not the dark brown that the 1 part syrup 2 parts milk has.

So what's so great about my chocolate milk that I felt like blogging about it? Well I decided to do a quick google search on chocolate milk and see what I can learn from the results, because that's what I do, I like to get trivia. Well I found out about some studies in chocolate milk consumption and how it might be a contributing factor to childhood obesity and how the large amounts of sugar and coca undo the positive effects of milk. Well, I have a feeling that my low concentration of chocolate syrup in my milk might actually not have any of the negative effects that standard chocolate milk has. As opposed to conventional chocolate milk where if you can still taste the milk, it's not strong enough, mine is just a little flavor shot to milk to make it go down easier. If conventional chocolate milk was like mine, we wouldn't have worries about kids not drinking their milk nor would we have to worry about "chocolate milk causing obesity and diabetes." Well this has been Pokematic signing off and bu-bye.

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