Pollution is linked to lung cancer and irregular heart beat

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Today pollution is one of the most common issues the human world is facing and it is a common debate between scientist and researchers. Every day research is showing that pollution is linked to many disasters and diseases world is facing today. Human is giving many pollutants to our world like methane, carbon, lead etc to the world which is affecting the world negatively


Especially the air pollution is one of the major cause of many disorders in human species. World is advancing every day and in its development human race is realizing many pollutants to air and these pollutants are causing many diseases like cancer and lung disease. The lung cancer of five year old Chinese girl which came at the scenario of world in 2013 was also due to the toxic particles present in the air and now researchers are  saying that air pollution is just not linked to just lung diseases but it is also linked to the heart diseases. The people which live in the area where  pm 2.5 value is high are also at risk to become patient of cardiac diseases specially the irregular heartbeat.