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Pollution is one of the major problems (global problem) now days. It is reached to the most upper stage or at its peak today. It has created and also creating great danger day by day for all the human being and as well to all living beings. I cannot enlist the species who are affecting from pollution, there is so many species living in this planet.


The main source of the pollution is the human being himself, who has created this thing. There is so many kinds of pollution who are making over atmosphere and our environment so bad. a good and healthy environment is the basic thing for a human to live a healthy life. But man himself is the maker of the pollution as I said before.


Cities are more polluted places than villages because of so many industries, factories and traffic. Industries are making the air and water polluted from different types of bad gases and industrial waste. Vehicles are creating bad smoke and smoking at public places also having bad effect on human health. Factories are also polluting the atmosphere. All these things are causing so many different types of harmful disease among human. We have to stop or at least try to reduce this pollution.