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Conversations With Zarlasht #-3
Fred V & Grafix - Purple Gates
Smoked - Rough Animatic
Australian Fable

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The smoke signal

ahsan ali

The only survivor of a shipwreck was a small uninhabited island. He screamed and prayed to God to save him. He looked at the horizon……

by ahsan-ali

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i love pot

Charlie Parks

in canada well specifically ontario (toronto are ) us potheads love smoking poppers. a popper is essentially a cut off a cigarette……

by kush4

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Beautiful Reactions

Teejay De la Llave

Today, I want to share Beautiful Chemistry videos. Beautiful Chemistry is a new collaboration between the Institute of Advanced……

by imyajeet

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Stop Smoking

Teejay De la Llave

We cannot deny the fact the smoking is dangerous to our health. Smoking is harmful to the smoker only but also to the person who will……

by imyajeet

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Muhamad Misbah Maoludin

Shamefully including myself,there are an estimated 2.5 billion smokers worldwide,if every pack of cigarettes costs an average of $……

by proleverage

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Quit smoking.

Zahid Ahmed

A friend of mine is trying to quit smoking and having a terrible time of it. Having a drink with him last week I could see his exasperation……

by zahid-ahmed

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  Pollution is one of the major problems (global problem) now days. It is reached to the most upper stage or at its peak today.……

by zareenaaltaf

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Power Generation Plants


GENERATING STATION:- In our first part we study generation and sources of electricity. Next i tell about you generating stations. ……

by yasir7610

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  Pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world. The word pollute means destroy the purity of things, to make every things……

by usamamanzoor

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Making of Smoked

Jonathan Ng

Smoked was my project for an animation assignment at Concordia University in the film animation program. The exercise was to create……

by JonathanNg

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