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We cannot deny the fact the smoking is dangerous to our health. Smoking is harmful to the smoker only but also to the person who will inhale the secondhand smoke. But in reality, withdrawal from smoking is a very serious problem to those who been addicted to such vice it includes the feeling of being irritated, depressed and anxious. Studies say that nearly 70% of smokers say they want to quit, but only 6% are able to each year.

       Here in the Philippines, the government is reaching out to smokers to refrain from smoking, they try placing warnings on cigarette’s packs indicating “smoking is dangerous to our health.” And imposing higher tariff tax to discourage cigarette manufacturers as well as importers. Soon the government verified that they will place pictures that show its effects on cigarette’s packs.Cigarette companies advertised "light" cigarettes as less harmful to the smoker, but I don't believe that this is true, the fact is that they could still deliver the same levels of tar and nicotine.

       A cigarette contains nicotine which makes it very addicting. Science says that it is a stimulant that when it reaches your brain you feel energized for a while but when the effect subsides, you feel tired and craves for more. This is the main reason why smokers are addicted it. Most of them will say it keeps them alert, it helps them to concentrate, it keeps them calm and it makes them feel relaxed, this is maybe true but now we know that nicotine does it. Studies say that nicotine reaches the brain within 10-20 seconds after smoke is inhaled.

       Talking about its effects, cigarette smoking can cause respiratory problem, some of them are emphysema and for some cases Lung cancer for long term smokers. And children whose parents smoke are prone to pneumonia and bronchitis. There also a risk to nonsmokers, exposure to secondhand smoke may increase the chance of having heart diseases at stroke. Smoking increases a person’s risk of getting tuberculosis and dying from it. Smoking also causes many other types of cancer, including cancers of the throat and mouth.


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