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Ur Walking & U See A Lion Infront Of U U Run To Get Away From It Until U See A Cliff. U See A Rope So U Climb Down But At The Bottom U See A Crocodile. Then U See Black & White Mice Nibbling The Rope. U See No Escape & Feel Scared. Then Drops Of Honey Begin To Drip Into Ur Mouth From A Honeycomb Above. Due To The Sweetness Of The Honey U Forget About The Danger Around U. This Is How We’re Living Our Lives. The Lion Is Malik-Ul-Maut (Angel Of Death) The Crocodile Is Our Grave Which We Forget About Which Is Where We Will End Up. The Black & White Mice Are Days & Nights That Pass By Everyday. Honey Is The World (Dunya). We’re So Engrossed In The Love Of This World That We Fail To Remember That Everyday We’re Closer To Death. Think! (ISLAMIC MESSAGES IN ENGLISH)


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