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Potato cutlets is a very popular recipe in most of the world having different forms and shapes. It is an easy to make quick recipe for 'Ramazan' and can be served in 'aftari' so today I am going to share this recipe with the readers.


cooking oil
potatoes as many as u want
onion one piece
green chilli chopped 2 pieces
coriander chopped 4 tablespoon
salt as per taste
other ingredients include turmeric powder, chilli powder, cumin, cumin powder and curry powder, add these as taste enhancers.

For coating the cutlets:

Flour two cups, butter 2 tablespoons, turmeric powder, curry powder salt and two eggs nicely whisked.


Boil to potatoes after peeling them and then smash them in a bowl till they get smooth. Take cooking oil in a frying pan, add the chopped onions and cumin, cook for a few minutes till onion gets brown, then add all the other spices and leave to cook for five minutes until onions become crispy soft. Now add potatoes previously mashed by mixing well in the pan. After two minutes take it off from the stove. When this cools down make pieces of equal sizes from the mixture, making nice round shaped pieces. Then take a bowl having whisked eggs. Dip the potato pieces in the whisked eggs then roll these pieces into the bowl containing the curry powder, flour, and salt.
Place these coated potato pieces in fridge for atleast half an hour. Then cook them in oven for 30minutes at a temperature of 180 to 200’C
The potato cutlets are now ready to be served in aftari.


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