Preface and Problem solving

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The basic objective for writing "object Oriented programming using C++" is to provide complete guidance for the students to learn object oriented programming technique for developing professional software using C++.The idea in our mind was to focus on practical aspect of programming .To fulfill this purpose,we have included hundreds of practical examples for students.The book provide complete programming guide for the students from beginning to advanced level.The language is very simple and easy to understand.To cover the requirements of students with respect to examination, there are hundreds of questions,multiple choice ,fill in the blanks and true false questions in the book so that the students may prepare for the examination from different point of view.Each chapter ends with an exercise for practice.The solutions of all programming exercises  are available in the market.Problem solving is a process of overcoming an abstacle.In this process the user uses his knowledge to select the most appropriate solution for the problem if multiple solutions are available.A problem may be solved in different ways.One solution may be faster,less expensive and more reliable than others.It is important to select the suitable solution.

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