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A recent tweet by one of our filmmakers inspired this blog: "From now on, all my film work will be a  exclusive first. Vimeo and Youtube can wait." - Elliott Johns.

Like Elliott, several Film Annex filmmakers decided to premiere their films on Film Annex, before Vimeo or YouTube, and even before they put them online on their on personal websites. Sometimes, their work will even be exclusively on the platform, even after the premiere, like Ken Turner's short-shorts series.

When asked about the reason why she chose Film Annex to premiere her online web series back in March 2013, Lisa Stock answers: "I've always felt that Film Annex was a welcoming place for filmmakers to try new things creatively. Film Annex redefines the boundaries of online distribution, so why shouldn't their filmmakers try new things and redefine how a story is told through film, online?" Alex Nakone, first filmmaker to choose Film Annex to premiere his work adds: "Film Annex is simply the best on ine platform to promote and distribute short films for independent filmmakers. Lots of time, money and passion goes into making a film, and it's great that Film Annex rewards filmmakers with some monetary return to help us make our next films."

If you are a filmmaker and are looking for a home to premiere your work and/or release it exclusively, have a look at those top short films that premiered here, and be the next one on the list!

Ouroboros, by Alex Nakone - Premiere: December 2012

Persephone, by Lisa Stock - Premiere: March 2013

Falling, by Mark Kuczewski - Premiere: March 2013

Rest, by Anderson West - Premiere: April 2013

Living With Someone, by Mark Kuczewski - Premiere: June 2013

Left of the Border Films Collaboration Four, Iain Goodyear - Premiere: November 2013

Dentures, by Anderson West - Premiere: January 2014

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