Principles of Growth

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Principles of Growth


Growth and development is one of the names appearing.  Everything must grow and serve the world through progress Otherwise it will lead to destruction.  As long as its potential ability will be joined in other cases the vortex falls, immobility and stagnation. As well as destructive and corrosive materials, we will make you think of the changes occur in the course of your development. You will have to change attitudes and behavior. We must always be on their relationships with different people and the work we do and the relationships to properly fit it to advance Terms & Conditions




Finally, all of these relationships are a result of an order from the fruit of social relations of friendship and cooperation wife etc. The second principle of cooperation relations is cosmic sacrifice Coordination and opposition to these principles is nothing other than remove the other appeal. Field relationships and effective blows in your body and your life are the vigorously puts and still cannot describe your life is filled with. A very important thing is that the relationship is ineffective and wrong, and then it means that suffering is abundant along.




Always remember that you have in your life to this suffering, pain in your life gave way. So you think your life in your own hands to ruin Guidance. We all know what to do and how your life advance. Never give anyone else the right not to intervene in our lives, we must find our own way


By: Anoosh barakzai 

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his name is Anoosh barakzai he is 23 years old. he was born in nimrooz Province. he Graduate from school in 2010 he is working in film annex.

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