Privacy failing for celebrities; violent natures or privacy victims

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How often do people see Alec Baldwin in celebrity media/ news-                                                                                                                                                                            ...specifically for abusing the paparazzi?                                                           Frankly, that’s all the buzz he has been involved in lately. The most current accusation that was made on him was that he made a violent, racist remark and action against paparazzi several months ago, back in late February. What was the whole big deal? Supposedly, Alec Baldwin has land several racial labels on a photographer, G.N Miller... Some of the nicknames included were “coon”, “drug dealer” and “crack head”, and according to daily mail, on top of that he has insulted the women’s mother as well. However, although the photographer has claimed that Baldwin did make all these remarks, the celebrity star denied all of the racist stuff, but has admitted to telling a nearby female reporter (Tara Palmeri) to “choke to death”. Nonetheless, still pretty douche, don’t you think?

                What should be discussed is what should be taken into account following the “harassment”. Of course, it is very possible he was just having a bad day, and like many celebrities, including normal people, at times you could get cranky. Many might argue that is the sacrifice you must be able to make and accept if you acquire fame… but Baldwin sure doesn’t think so. It is quite difficult to take a side here, considering that although Alec is a celebrity, it doesn’t mean that people have the right to disrespect him more than any other person. The real question is if Alec Baldwin, or any other paparazzi abusers, are racist, mean douches, or paparazzi victims.


             Technically, the paparazzi are breaking the law…they are invading privacy. If it’s true how the celebrities respond, well that means the celebrities are also breaking the law. So than it just cancels out! Or does it? When paparazzi go over the board to get the perfect answer, or photo of a hot star, celebrities strictly do have rights to protect their discretion and do what they got to do to keep an isolation between them and the bugging reporters and photographers. “A crime is a crime”. The law will be enforced!

                Technology is making it easier for paparazzi to break into people’s business and take confidential info, or do what they are best at: being irritating. Some sources say that Princess Diana’s death corresponded with the fleeing from paparazzi…not that they directly killed her, but they certainly had an influence. It is said the driver was under the influence of alcohol, and was drunk driving. However, the situation changes dramatically if the paparazzi were the step 1 to the tragedy. No one was charged in the case. As a conclusion, rules and constraints have to made by the law or whoever to restrain photographers and reporters from going too far; which includes stalking someone to their car, or explicitly getting in their personal space. 

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