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On bitLanders' Charity Platform bitCharities, bitLanders 500,000 Bitcoin users can support the charity of their choice by donating them part of their Bitcoin.

Today, bitLanders and bitCharities are introducing the assorted T-shirts with the charity logos, so all users can also support their favorite charity using their avatar. The t-shirts are free to buy from bitLanders avatar store bitFashionista, and the user gets 1 Buzz Bonus!

This is a great way for bitLanders users to show support for a cause, while increasing their BuzzScore, and earn more Bitcoin to potentially donate more in the future. The non-profits on bitCharities get extra exposure and spread the word about their mission.

Get the Tshirts now by clicking here or below:

bitCharities uses Bitcoin and other crypto-assets to support charities by providing digital citizens of any income level with a user-friendly platform to donate to the charities of their choice via micro-donations of 10 Satoshis (about 1/500th of a US cent) or more.


If you are a non-profit and would like to be featured on bitCharities, contact us at

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Connecting charities to the Bitcoin community with a user-friendly platform where Digital Citizens support #nonprofits with micro-donations starting at 10 Satoshis.

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