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Many webmasters have found that by providing good content or is a great way to increase traffic. Fast Web 2.0 social networks based on the content presented to the user, who will then vote on the website. The catch is that it's harder than anyone refers to this phenomenon. There were even reports of people who pay to cheat the system.

Web 2.0 sites are a great source of traffic, but the real counterfeiters to find the right place to do it. Your content Why go stiff competition in the world if you do not? If the content is worth reading, and getting votes, I suggest you try the following social networks. These places are just becoming popular. If you have voted for the content of the website, and you will no longer see that you have a large number of visitors in the long run.

Pop content ( - This site is very similar to the characteristics of Digg, but it allows the user to create their own content in the community. Travel community will be the first in the left navigation menu. There are also pop community of web content ads where you can advertise your website.
Bringr ( - This website is like a Digg as well, but it is designed specifically for women. So if your content is tailored specifically for women here.
Scoopeo ( - that is the French equivalent of Digg. Do you need traffic, you can translate your content into French, and enter the URL here.

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